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Do Guinea Pigs Understand Kisses?

Do Guinea Pigs Understand Kisses?

A kiss can be defined as an act of love towards someone you love. So if you kiss your guinea pig, can they understand it? Many guinea pig owners often wonder, do guinea pigs understand kisses?

So, I decided to do some research and here is what I have learned.

Guinea pigs do not kiss each other, but they definitely can learn what it means. If grooming precedes the kiss, your intention will be apparent to your guinea pigs. Many guinea pigs enjoyed being kissed on the top of their head.

They will understand the love and affection from you, but they don’t show it in the same manner.

They show their affection by licking you. Not only guinea pigs, but most of the pets also exhibit their love by licking.

But with proper training, you can also teach your guinea pig to kiss you back.

Do guinea pigs know when you kiss them?

As guinea pigs don’t kiss to show their sign of love, they instead lick or rub their nose to show affection.

If your guinea pigs run away when you try to come closer, it is better not to kiss them because there are chances for them to misunderstand your sign of love, which can result in biting. 

You will notice if your guinea pigs enjoy being kissed. Guinea pigs do not permit anything they find unpleasant.

They will try to get away from you when they feel uncomfortable. You must understand their gesture and try to slowly build a stronger bond before trying to kiss them again.

Can I teach my guinea pig to kiss me?

Yes, sure, you can teach your guinea pig how to kiss by proper training.

Whenever you reach out to your guinea pig to kiss them, repeat the command by calling out words like ‘kisses.’

By repeating the process and offering them some treats you can make them understand that you are trying to show affection to them.

But it would be best if you remembered that guinea pigs do not show affection in the same manner, they do it by licking you or rubbing their nose on you.

You can lie beside your guinea pig and repeat the action by calling out the command. If your guinea pig have a strong bond with you they will followup with a lick or nuzzles.

Is it OK to kiss your guinea pig?

Is it OK to kiss your guinea pig?

Yes, it is ok to kiss your guinea pigs if they are comfortable with that. Sometimes they do not understand that sign of love from you, and it can result in scratching and biting by them.

In case your guinea pig does not understand your love, she will try to flee away. So we recommend you strongly that if they don’t follow your signs, it’s better to avoid kissing them.

It is safe to kiss your guinea pigs if you are healthy. You have to follow some instructions:

  • Get on the floor instead of picking up your guinea pig.
  • Cuddle your guinea pig for a couple of seconds before kissing your guinea pig. It will make your guinea pig comfortable.
  • Don’t emerge at your guinea pig or act suddenly.
  • Always remember to start with a word. “kisses” is Fine.
  • Kiss the sweet spot. i.e top of your guinea pig’s head.

Is it unsafe to kiss your guinea pigs?

There are some situations you must consider before kissing your guinea pig.

  1. Never try to kiss nervous guinea pig: You should never try to kiss a shy guinea pig as it can misunderstand your sign of love and can react unexpectedly by biting or scratching. 
  2. Never kiss your guinea pig if you have a cough and cold: If you are suffering from cold means, you have developed HSV 1 virus. This can be caught without physical contact. Kissing a guinea pig can pass the cold to you.
  3. Guinea pigs are open to HSV: If you kiss or rub your nose on your guinea pig, they can catch HSV, which can even cause encephalitis. This can cause lethal swelling of the brain of guinea pigs. Studies claim that guinea pigs can get this virus from the human companion as well.
  4. Avoid kissing pigs when pregnant: You should avoid kissing your guinea pigs if you are pregnant because a healthy woman has a sound immune system that can prevent the diseases that can be spread from their guinea pigs.
    • But at the time of pregnant women don’t have a robust immune system that may not be able to prevent the disease from being transmitted, which can cause infection.

How to show your guinea pig you love them?

There are many ways to show love towards your guinea pig, and you can serve them with some of their favorite treats, and kiss them on top of their head.

But it may be possible that your guinea does not understand your sign of love so it can react unexpectedly like biting and scratching. 

There are four ways to show love for your guinea pig:

  1. Compatibility: You must have compatibility with your guinea pig, as these small creatures cannot speak; you must know them by their actions.
    • If you develop excellent harmony with your guinea pigs, you can fulfill all their needs and show your love for them.
  2. Petting and Cuddling:Cuddling is also a way to show love for your guinea pig as they take it as respect, and they also like being cuddled. It gives them a feeling of pleasure, and they feel they are loved.
    • Your guinea pig loves to be pampered and petted.
    • Gently pet your guinea pig on the head, cheeks, and upper back. 
  3. Attention: Everyone wants attention from someone important in their life, so do our guinea pigs. Even if they like attention and company, this is the best way to show your love to your guinea pigs by paying attention to them.
    • You can get on the floor for your guinea pig and can mimic their behavior.
    • You can also allow them to destroy things, and by playing with your guinea pig.
  4. Serving their favorite treats: As we say, the way to men’s heart goes from their stomach is the same as the guinea pigs. You can show your love to your guinea pigs by serving them with their favorite treats.
    • If they understand this behavior of yours, they can also start licking your hands as a gesture of thanksgiving.

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How to tell your guinea pig likes you

Guinea pigs are mostly afraid of humans, so if your guinea pigs interconnect with you then you have made it, they like you.

If they try to run away from you, it may be a sign that they are afraid of you, in that case, it may be possible that they don’t like you yet. 

There are many other actions your guinea pigs will make if they like you. Some of them are as follows:

  • If your guinea pigs lick you, it means that they like you
  • If your guinea pig sleep and relax around you, it means that they feel safe around you which is also a sign of love 
  • If they ask for petting and cuddling
  • If they are licking your feet or running around your feet 

Guinea pigs licking each other: What does it mean?

Guinea pigs licking each other is such a lovely moment to capture. They do it to show affection for their partner.

If your guinea pigs are licking each other, that means they are bonded with each other, and they enjoy each other’s presence. 

As these small creatures cannot speak, they convey their affection by licking or rubbing their nose.

Not only with their fellow companions, but they share the same way of affection with humans too. 

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  • Guinea pigs understand your sign of love but cannot give you back in the same way. They show their appreciation by licking and rubbing their nose.
  • If your guinea pig does not run away from you when you kiss them, that means that they like your sign of love.
  • You can teach your guinea pig how to kiss by proper training.
  • Never try to kiss your guinea pig if they are nervous and if you are suffering from a cold sore and if you are pregnant.
  •  You can show love to your guinea pigs in many ways, like cuddling, serving them treats, and developing compatibility. 
  • Lastly, take care of your guinea pig by showering them with love and attention. 

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