About us

Hello guys, My name is Saurav, and I Welcome all of you guys to my blog where I pen down all thoughts and questions that struck a chord in my mind when I thought of getting my hands on a Guinea pig a couple of years back.

My motto: To help all guinea pig owners understand their pets a little better so that they can provide their guinea pigs with the life they deserve.

I’m very fond of exotic pets and love to get hands-on anything that I can afford. I bet you folks also want to get hands-on those cute little guinea pigs that’s why you folks are here.

I have kept 3-4 pigs of different breeds in the past but currently, own only a pair of American guinea pigs. I am a pet lover from my heart, and I also keep fishes and birds alongside my guinea pigs.

When I first brought my guinea pig’s home I had a little idea about them, but over time I have learned a lot about them. Numerous questions struck my mind and I planned to do some research on my own and take the help of my friend who is a professional veterinarian to get my doubts cleared.

Yes, I can understand not everyone has access to good resources and such a dear friend who can share their expertise with them. That’s where the idea to bring this blog up and share my experience came to me.

I have made this blog for sharing whatever I learned in my journey in the past couple of years so that you people can take advantage of the same.

We also have a book available for sale that discusses guinea pig’s diet in detail. It covers all the aspects of guinea pig’s diet including its hay, vegetables, fruits, etc.

In this blog, you will discover numerous supportive tips to take care of your Guinea pigs, their sustenance diet, habitat, and so on. I will attempt my best to answer every one of the inquiries that I have experienced in my blog posts and make this blog Home of Guinea Pig Lovers.

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