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Why Do Guinea Pigs Touch Noses?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Touch Noses?

Guinea pigs are prey animals who cannot communicate humans likewise, so they communicate through their body language. Guinea pigs use their nose for communicating with their cage mates. Whenever two guinea pigs touch their noses, it has a definitive meaning.

By touching noses, two guinea pigs are likely to cement their dominant and submissive roles. Guinea pigs often touch each other’s nose to apologize after a fight to understand their position. One guinea pigs will often take the subordinate role and start grooming the dominant one.

When guinea pigs touch each other nose and look into each other’s eyes, it reflects the affection and love between two bonded guinea pigs.

Always keep an eye for any annoyance sound. That shows that the guinea pigs are in a fight for supremacy. None of them will prefer to back out, so it will be your duty to keep them separate.

What does it mean when guinea pigs touch noses?

When two guinea pigs put their nose together, it shows the signs of love and affection. It also means something else.

Let us go through some other reasons for such behavior of your guinea pigs:

  • If your guinea pig is touching each other noses, it may be a sign of apologizing.
  • It may be possible that your guinea pigs are trying to investigate each other scents.
  • Guinea pigs are trying to create a bond with each other.

You must be careful as guinea pigs standing nose to nose doesn’t always lead towards happy endings.

You should continuously keep an eye on both the guinea pigs they can bite each other if you misunderstood the situation.

That can also happen when your guinea pigs have not decided their hierarchical status amongst each other.

In a group of guinea pigs, there will be one guinea pig with dominant nature. That guinea pig will prefer to be groomed upon demand.

They will begin this by coming close to another guinea pig, then they bow down their head and stare at the eyes of the other guinea pig.

If the other piggie allows this demand of the dominant guinea pig, then everything will go well.

But if in case the submissive guinea pigs refuse, then the dominant guinea pig can nibble the other to remind them who’s the boss of the territory.

Guinea pig touching nose to apologize

Guinea pig touching nose to apologise

It is possible that sometimes, guinea pigs fall out. Guinea pigs can be short-tempered, which can lead to any act of misbehavior. Guinea pigs can be moody and hold on to displeasure.

But, thankfully, guinea pigs have a docile general nature. It means that if two guinea pigs get involved in a difference of opinion, they are likely to apologize later. Guinea pigs do this by touch each other nose.

Guinea pigs with dominant nature bows down their head by saying that “ you should groom me.”

If the guinea pigs with the submissive nature lower their head, they are saying, “ I accept my mistake, my apologies.”

It sounds like something problematic to us, but it makes sense to guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs prefer to communicate in this manner. After an inter-guinea pigs disagreement, touching noses is often the first step for clearing the air.

Guinea pig touching nose to investigate a scent

Grooming guinea pig

Guinea pigs have a very good sense of smell. That concludes that your guinea pig will smell their cage mate and remember their smell.

Bonded guinea pigs will always keep an eye on their friends while they are leaving the cage.

When they return afterward, you can see this behavior. The rest of the guinea pigs will want to know the reason for their friend’s absence.

  • Have they associated with humans?
  • Were they playing with other guinea pigs?
  • Do they smell of a predator, or are they safe?

These are some questions that will raise your guinea pig’s minds.

Of course, you will have to take your guinea pig to the vet.

But the guinea pig that stayed back does not have any knowledge about this. So they will prefer to check that everything is alright.

Guinea pig, with the dominant nature, ensures that the submissive piggie does not have any new ideas about seizing power.

Guinea pig with passive nature will remain calm. Both of the guinea pigs will be satisfied once they touch their nose and take their respective role.

Guinea pig touching nose to bond with each other

The most delightful thing about keeping a group of guinea pigs is staring at them making a bond with each other.

Likewise, humans, Guinea pigs do not make friends temporarily. They make it for life. A big part of this is by touching each other nose and looking into the eyes of each other.

It seems like the guinea pigs are sitting silently, but they are communicating. Guinea pigs are experts in body language.

If you find your guinea pigs don’t make any noise when they touch each other nose, there is nothing to worry about it. They can stay in this way for hours.

If you find your guinea pigs growling, you should separate them. Then it means that something has gone wrong and you must immediately separate them.

Guinea pig touching nose to establish a dominance

Placing the enclosure in a shady area

It is not necessary that only two bonded guinea pigs can stare at each other. Often, two unbonded guinea pigs also stare at each other’s eye for hours. They will also come closeby and touch each other’s nose.

Two guinea pigs will think themselves equal to each other. Even the happiest bond of the guinea pigs will have alpha and beta. Guinea pigs prefer to assign a role to each other.

Dominance is established by verbal confrontation and touching noses. The guinea pig of the submissive nature is expected to groom the dominant one on demand.

Most Guinea pigs with submissive nature will obey this command and will be well. But sometimes it is possible that the piggie can be stubborn.

If the dominant guinea pig notices such behavior of the subject, they will likely bite or chase them to show who is the boss of the territory.

That is a sign of warning for the submissive guinea pigs that they should not be big enough to disobey the dominant one. If the submissive guinea pig is in the mood of revenge, they will bite back, though. That will then lead to a fight.

It would be best if you separated the fighting guinea pigs immediately as they can cause severe damage to each other. Also, it gets tougher to reunite the guinea pigs after a fight.

Touching noses show affection among guinea pigs most of the time. The difference in opinion can still arise among your guinea pigs, though. It would help if you always tried to bond your guinea pigs for a better relationship between them.

Why does my guinea pig rub his nose on me?

If your guinea pigs rub their nose on you, it is a sign of affection and love form them. If they even purr, they are in love with you.

As guinea pigs are prey animals, they cannot show their affection like humans. So they even lick to show their love and friendship.

Not only humans, guinea pigs touch their noses with other pets as a sign of love and affection.

That must be overseen as if the guinea pigs lunges towards a cat or a dog; they may be misunderstood by the other animal.

You must be aware that not every action is a sign of affection. That can only be applied when a guinea pig rubs their nose as that is determined as guinea pigs kiss.

It means that your guinea pigs want a treat or attention. We will advise you to provide that immediately as they might get upset if their demand is not fulfilled.

Guinea pigs touching their noses is always something to notice. It means that your piggies are now communicating and making a bond with each other. If your piggie rubs their nose on you, then you are definitely on their excellent books.


  • Guinea pigs touch noses against each other to show their affection with each other.
  • They also sometimes touch noses to apologize for any misbehavior.
  • Guinea pigs use their nose for communicating with each other.
  • Guinea pigs also touch noses to establish dominance. As two guinea never consider themselves equal.
  • Guinea pigs also touch noses to make a bond with each other.
  • Every pair of guinea pigs will have alpha and beta.
  • As guinea pigs have a perfect sense of smell, they use their nose to investigate scent.


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