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Do Guinea Pigs Show Affection? (Compared To Rabbits, Cats & Dogs)

Do Guinea Pigs Show Affection? (Compared To Rabbits, Cats & Dogs)

Sure enough, guinea pigs show affection like any other being through their non-verbal actions and emotions, which could only be understood through their body language and by time.

Guinea pigs are prey animals, thus tend to be afraid of humans when we first get them. But if we can build a strong bond with them, they’ll shower some love on us. If your guinea pigs lick you, they adore you. If they like cuddling you and sleeping around you, then they trust and love you.

You have to be very kind and affectionate while doing their daily stuff because they are emotional creatures and seek love, affection, and attention.

Are guinea pigs affectionate pets?

Yes, guinea pigs can prove themselves to be deserving of being loved and care for. Though at times they can be extremely moody and undisciplined, which should be handled.

Guinea pigs are scared of human beings due to their survival instinct nature. Our large size and structure might be fearful for them until they find a reason not to be.

However, It is not the case with the pets who are friendly or have been in and around the humans since their birth.

Though eventually, with time and patience, you can build up your relationship quite concrete with your guinea pigs showing plenty of love and kindness.

Are guinea pigs more affectionate than rabbits

Are guinea pigs more affectionate than rabbits

If you are looking for a companion pet, no one will best suit the position than the little adorable guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are tiny docile creatures. So they are very slight chances of them scratching, kicking, and biting, unlike rabbits, to you and your children.

Also, they grow to a reasonable size, which would make it easier for you to carry them, house them, and clean them.

Unlike rabbits, guinea pigs are confined to their cage, so they are less likely to create any clutter.

Are guinea pigs more affectionate than dogs

Are guinea pigs more affectionate than dogs

Guinea pigs and dogs are both fonds of partners. They like companionship and cherish when they get one.

Guinea pigs are good at learning new things. So once you succeed teaching them few, then definitely they will keep you entertained.

However, guinea pigs are just opposite to dogs in some behaviors. Dogs love to please and follow our fellow human beings, whereas this is not the case with guinea pigs; they do not bother much about pleasing.

The other distinction between the two is, a trained dog will consider their owners to be their masters, whereas it is very unlikely to happen with guinea pigs; they are their masters.

So the bond with guinea pigs could be as affectionate as dogs or even better, though if you want a pet that hangs on your every gesture, then absolutely guinea pigs are not the ones.

Are guinea pigs more affectionate than cats

Are guinea pigs more affectionate than cats

Cats are more relatable to guinea pigs as compared to other domestic pets. Both have territorial behavior and want to have a relationship on their terms.

Like a cat, you need to earn the love and affection of your pet on the grounds of trust, safety, treatment, and care.

If your efforts work and your guinea pig shows affection and love in return, then trust us it’s a significant achievement to consider. In this aspect, cats are similar to guinea pigs.

Likewise, guinea pigs are not as good to show their affection for their pet owners. They may not be in the mood or position to share their feelings for you.

Thus you have to be keen on their indications where they shower their love and affection for you.

Although like cats, guinea pigs are not entirely independent and therefore, cannot be left alone at home without anyone watching.

Guinea pigs are needy animals and wish for their demand to be fulfilled on time.

They are not precisely similar to dogs are cats. Guinea pigs are guinea pigs. And also, not all guinea pigs are copies of each other. They all differ in terms of their behavior, nature, and degrees of affection.

How to gain a guinea pig’s trust?

Guinea pigs are docile animals, though they can get upset and stressed quickly if they find a reason to be.

As a guinea pig parent, you must build a relationship of trust and compassion with your beloved pet.

There are specific ground rules to earn the affection from your guinea pigs and strictly stick by them:

  • Let them come towards you: Sit on the ground with fully open arms and let your guinea pigs approach you, they are sensitive animals and do not like a sudden show of affection and embrace.
  • Let them be on the ground: Knowing the fact that guinea pigs are incredibly fragile, avoid picking them up unnecessarily. It will cause them unwanted stress due to the fear of being dropped down.
  • Many don’t like to be hugged: Cuddling you guinea pigs might be a sweet gesture to you, but might not be for your guinea pigs. They may feel it as an entrapment; therefore, prefer hugging only when you are sure that your guinea pigs like it.
  • Need constant attention: Your guinea pigs might not like you hugging them, but they anyway seek constant attention from your side, and if a busy life surrounds you, then get them a pet partner for their company.
  • Guinea pigs love routine: Any sudden change might trigger stress in them. So ensure to get them into a daily routine and avoid any spontaneous change to their routine.
  • Feed your guinea pigs with their favorites: The one with a healthy and enriched diet is very less likely to cause any trouble and intend to make things easier for you to handle. Good food will go a long way to keep them happy and energetic.

How to tell if a guinea pig likes you?

Is it OK to kiss your guinea pig?

Guinea pigs will do a variety of things for you to understand that they love you. Some of the everyday things that they will do include:

  • Circling: The one way that Guinea pigs show their love is by circling their favorite person. That act reflects their excitement and joy. Most of them might also dance for you, and it will show they’re delighting towards you.
  • Cuddling up: if your guinea pigs are cuddling you, it indicates they are feeling safe and secure around you, and if they fall asleep, it will be a gesture of contentment.
  • Headbutting: Don’t be afraid when you see your guinea pigs rubbing their head against yours. It will be an act of showing affection. They are rubbing their scent on you to create positive vibes.
  • Nipping: It will be a demand for attention from your guinea pig’s side. It will demonstrate that your guinea pigs are willing to groom you, and it’s a big sign of love from them.
  • Licking: Guinea pigs licking is an infrequent scenario to happen, but if you get a lick from your guinea pigs, then keep it up, you are doing everything right and have won their heart.
  • Purring: It is also known as tooth licking and if you are receiving it from them then keep going you are doing everything right on your part 

If your pet approaches you more frequently, then it’s a good sign that they love you and adore you.

Guinea pigs are sensitive animals and, thus, human beings as a potential threat to them.

Only once they overcome this fear, you will be enlightened to see their friendly nature.

Why does my guinea pig stare at me?

If your guinea pig is staring at you or gazing at you, it’s one way to show their affection. Bonded pairs often stare at each other for hours, take it as a sign of love.

  1. Is your pet awake? Guinea pigs have a third eyelid called the nictitating membrane, which, while they are asleep, creates a false doubt of them being awake with wide eyes wide open. So it might confuse you, that they are staring at you, while they are sleeping with their face pointing in your direction.
  2. Is your guinea pig looking at you/past you? Something over you or any part of your body has caught the attention of your pet. They might have seen, smelled, or heard something and now are evaluating the risk, due to their survival instincts.
  3. Is somebody else in the house? The other possible reason for your pet to watch you could be that they are guarding you, trying to protect you, similarly the way you do for your pet. They are trying to return the favor.
  4. Is it dinnertime? Guinea pigs are smart animals and are very known to stare at human beings when they are hungry. They want you to catch their attention, so you feed them.

Why does my guinea pig climb on me?

Your guinea pigs climbing on you should be taken as a sign of affection. They like climbing; meanwhile, if you give them gentle strokes, they will start purring.

In another way, your pet might be just using you as a stepping tool to check if there are any predators around them.

Anyway, if your pet is continuously climbing on, you then do not attempt to lift them for cuddling. Possibly you could frighten them if they were just passing.

Why does my guinea pig dig on me?

Guinea pigs possess a natural tendency to BURROW. Though it is not common in domestic ones. There could be a wide array of reasons for guinea pigs digging on you:

  • Wants to get off your lap: Your pet might want to get out of your lap because they want to urinate or simply want to roam around. In that case, leave them on the floor and not forcibly make them sit on your lap.
  • Wants to dig a hole in your clothes: Remember, guinea pigs are curious animals; therefore, out of curiosity, they may dig your clothes to find what’s underneath, better drop them off.

Like climbing, digging is also a way for guinea pigs to show their love and affection.

How to show your guinea pig you love them?

Only by giving them a sense of pleasure, belongingness, safety and trust and these all can be achieved by the following:

  • Grooming: It’s the best way to show your pet your care and attention towards them. Groom them and brush their hair gently at least once in a day.
  • Petting: Guinea pigs just love being petted. Whenever your pet approaches, you gently stroke their cheeks, forehead, and back, and you are most likely to find them purring.
  • Play: Guinea pigs being indoor pets like playing a different kind of games, learn what they enjoy the most and enjoy a good playtime with your pet.
  • Treat: More often than not offer your pet their favorite foods, and you will see how much they will enjoy it.

Before following all the above, be careful not to make your pet uncomfortable to fulfill any one of them.

My guinea pigs hate me?

If your pet is trying to avoid you, then it does not necessarily mean that they hate you, possibly they might be afraid of you.

If your guinea is not showing any sign of affection then go through the following precautions that you have to take care of:

  • You can initiate to approach your pet rather than expecting them to come. Also, do not loom over; this might frighten them.
  • When you pick up your pet and insist on cuddling them, they might take this the other way, as they are prey animals, so will assume you as a predator and fear that you might eat them whole.
  • Don’t disturb your pet while they are playing or enjoying their time. Their territory is their confined, safe place and, therefore, does not like any interruption.
  • Don’t force them into playing. Guinea pigs like to be their boss and thus can be offended by your course of action.
  • Make sure you don’t use loud pitch voice or slam your doors in the presence of little animals, they are sensitive to loud noises and might get frightened.
  • Never punish your pet for being destructive or undisciplined; this might be their way of telling you something, resolve it by understanding the reason behind. Punishing them would cost your relationship with your pet.
  • Guinea pigs are attention seekers, so if you fail to give enough time, they will eventually grow resentful of you.

If you give your pet no reason to fear you, then they can get along quite well. They are affectionate animals and soon will fall for your love and care.

Double your efforts to seek their affection and attention, watch out for signs and things that delight their mood. If you can understand all your pet’s needs and wants, you can both bond very with each other.

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