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Can Guinea Pigs Jump? (How High, From Cage, Your Arms)

Can Guinea Pigs Jump? (How High, From Cage, Your Arms)

You might have seen your guinea pigs jumping off the hammocks or hideouts. Some guinea pigs even manages to escape an open top cage. But what does that mean? Can all guinea pigs jump? How high can they jump? And how safe is it?

I know as a curious guinea pig owner you might have lots of questions in your mind. Even I had all these doubts in my mind when I first got them home. So, today I shall share with you what I have managed to learn about jumping in guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs can jump about 10 to 20 cm high. Guinea pigs can safely jump from hammocks and other hideouts in their cage. Some guinea pigs even manage to escape cages and playpens that are less than 20 cm high. Jumping from their owner’s arm can be dangerous for your guinea pigs.

A large cage and enough room are essential for having exercise like running and playing for your guinea pig.

A guinea pig can jump from the cage and also jump to hop on top of a sleeping den. This is something they learn with practice.

Jumping from a height can be terrible for your guinea pig.

Also, Jumping regularly also can harm your guinea pig as it weakens your guinea pig bones, which can also lead to arthritis. The more they jump, the more they hurt their joints and bones.

How high can guinea pig jump?

With a little practice, a guinea pig can jump for about 10 to 20 cm.

Guinea pigs can jump to and from there cage. An owner must supervise this kind of activity as any carelessness can harm their pets.

Encouraging them to jump out of their cage is a terrible idea as they might escape and hurt themselves when you are not around.

It would be best if you made a playing spot for your guinea pig by placing some barriers of inches and some objects so that your guinea pig can enjoy playing there and also can practice for jumping.

But while doing this, make sure that nothing can harm your pet like wires or any sharp objects.

How far can a guinea pig jump without hurting themselves?

A Guinea pig can jump a short distance only. There are some other factors also which are to be considered for having better transparency towards this question. 

  • Height of your guinea pig.
  • The health of your guinea pig.
  • Has your guinea pig has been harmed by falling from a height.
  • Your guinea pig jumped intentionally, or it was unanticipated.

Typically, guinea pigs know how far they can jump without hurting themselves. This is something built into their survival instinct.

However, sometimes they might jump out of impulse, which may result in an injury as they jump through an unknown.

Every jump of your guinea pig weakens their joint and bones, which can later lead to arthritic.

But you can minimize the risk of getting hurt from every jump by placing carpets or other soft material on their landing spots. The hard surface can harm your guinea pig.

Jumping unexpectedly can frighten your guinea pig as they get scared of losing their life, which can also result in heart failure.

In this case, you should pet your guinea pig as they will not feel safe in the environment after jumping unexpectedly.

Do guinea pigs like heights?

Some small animals enjoy climbing in the cage while Guinea pig prefers flat.

Guinea pigs are usually not very fond of height, as they can get scared easily. But as being a prey animal watching all over the surrounding is also very much concern for a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs usually hop on the top of the sleeping den to view the surrounding. This is something that has come with their survival instinct.

You should be very concerned about heights for your guinea pig as falling from a height can frighten your guinea pig, leading to heart failure. It may also result in a leg injury in some cases.

Do guinea pigs like to climb?

Do guinea pigs like to climb?

Guinea pigs can climb and jump, as well. Guinea pigs are very active animals, and they do climb and jump off small heights while exercising.

They usually like to climb on the top of their cage to watch the surroundings as they are prey animals and to be safe from the predator; they have to observe the surrounding.

There may also be some of the other reasons, such as in search of a food guinea pig can climb.

It also depends upon the individual guinea pig. One can climb, but the other can get frightened.

Guinea pigs are not very fond of climbing. They prefer flat rather than climbing and getting in height.

Will my guinea pig jump off the bed?

Guinea pigs usually will not perform such action because they are not very fond of doing such activities, which involves jumping. But a trained guinea pig can jump off the bed.

Jumping off the bed regularly can harm your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are sensitive in the case of bones, and performing such activity weakens their joints and bones.

Placing some soft material like carpets or rags in a landing spot minimizes the risk of getting hurt. Supervision is essential by the owner when your guinea pig is performing such activity.

Will my guinea pig jump out of the cage?

Yes, your guinea pig can jump out of the cage if it’s small in height. A guinea pig can jump about 10 to 20 cm. If your guinea pig cage comes under the height of less than 20 cm, then your guinea pig can jump out of the cage.

However, not all guinea pigs can jump that high. But some do learn to jump out in search of food or to exercise.

It would be best if you kept that in mind while purchasing guinea pigs cage that its height should be more than 20 cm so that your guinea pig cant jump off from it.

A spacious cage with a height of more than 20 cm is exactly what you should purchase for your guinea pig.

Will my guinea pig jump off a balcony?

Usually, guinea pig doesn’t perform such activity, but in any case, it happens, then it may become a critical condition.

Jumping off a balcony can harm your guinea pig bone, and also it can lead to arthritic. They may also hurt their legs and have a broken leg if the landing spot is not soft.

It can also frighten your guinea pig. Your guinea pig can get scared, and there can also be a risk of heart failure.

It would be best if you immediately got your guinea pig to the vet as soon as you find your guinea pig has been injured by performing such activity.

Will my guinea pig jump off my arms?

Will my guinea pig jump off my arms?

Yes, your guinea pig can jump off your arms. This is the most common way of injuries. You should never pick up your pet if they don’t enjoy it. 

If your guinea pig allows you to pick them up, you should make sure to pick and hold them in a very appropriate manner. 

The best way to hold your guinea pig follows:

  • Securely place your one hand under the guinea pig’s chest.
  • Place the other hand, under the guinea pig’s backside.
  • Pick your guinea pig up, holding them against your chest.
  • Get a grip, but don’t make it harsh it can make your guinea pig feel uncomfortable. 

If your guinea pig is not feeling comfortable, then put them down. Your guinea pig can jump off in this case and get themselves hurt.

Why does guinea pig jump around?

There are two reasons guinea pig jump around:

  • When guinea pigs are excited.
  • When they get frightened.

Whenever guinea pigs get excited or frightened, they start jumping in the air with excitement. This is also referred to as popcorning.

It can happen when you bring your guinea pig, their favorite veggies. They start popcorning with happiness.

On the other hand, if they see their predators or get frightened by any other factor. They start popcorning with fear.

It’s fun to see your guinea pig popcorning with happiness as it happens very occasionally. If your guinea pig starts jumping around by seeing a predator, then take your guinea pig to a safer environment. 

Do guinea pigs land on their feet?

When a guinea pig makes a jump, they set the spot where they have to land. They exercise their body to land on their feet. Also, they spread their legs so that the effect can get across all four limbs.

Guinea pigs don’t have a natural righting inborn tendency when dropped from a height. The supervision of the owner is essential.

If your guinea pigs fall from the height in an unanticipated manner, then it can frighten them. And they can land on their back or head.

Landing on their feet by falling from the risky height is not good as well. It will harm their legs, neck, and spine.

My guinea pigs doesn’t jump any longer

My guinea pigs doesn’t jump any longer

If your guinea pig is showing unwillingness to jump, age is likely to be the factor of ones. Guinea pig loses its physicality as they grow older. An activity like jumping and running becomes difficult for guinea pigs when they grow older.

There is also a chance that your guinea pig is showing signs of arthritis.

Jumping from a height every time effects your guinea pig joints, which makes such movement very painful.

If your guinea pig is having, arthritic don’t stop all the exercise as it can make your guinea pig obese. Just prepare an activity that your guinea pig can perform smoothly.

It is also possible that your guinea pig remembers the trauma.

If they get hurt themselves by jumping, they will show an unwillingness to do so again. Also, it would help if you never forced a guinea pig to jump for a dizzy height.

My guinea pig fell from a height

If your guinea pig fell from a height, take it seriously. Guinea pigs have very delicate skeletons, falling from height can cause themselves severe damages. 

When your guinea pig falls from a height, firstly watch by standing in a safer side because your guinea pig will be frightened for a moment after that make a quick observation.

  1. Your guinea pig is moving freely or not. 
  2. Is your guinea pig bleeding? There can be a head injury.
  3. Are all their four limbs in a natural position? 

If you see any physical injury like spine injury, then there is an urgent need for medication. Take your guinea pig to the vet as soon as possible. 

If your guinea pig doesn’t have any physical injury after felling from a height, then let your guinea pig be calm.

You can also visit your vet if you want to run x rays as it doesn’t hurt your guinea pig. And also, you will find if there is any internal bleeding or fracture.


All the information from above, we now know that guinea pigs are not very fond of jumping. They can jump to a height of 10 to 20 cm. Usually, guinea pig hops on top of the sleeping den so that they can observe the surrounding.

They do so they can be safe from predators being a prey animal. Guinea pigs show the sign of unwillingness for jumping and running as they grow old. 

Jump off from arms is the very common way of injuries in a guinea pig. Don’t pick your guinea pig if they are not enjoying the sensation.

They will jump off from your arms and will harm themselves. Guinea pigs have a very delicate skeleton that can get injured pretty easily.

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