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Can Guinea Pigs Chew on Plastic, Cardboard, Metal, Wood & More?

Can Guinea Pigs Chew on Plastic, Cardboard, Metal, Wood & More?

Guinea pigs have sharp teeth. Also, they chew everything, whether they are willing to do it or not. The owner must know what guinea pigs can chew through. So that preventative measures can be executed.

The tough metal wire can resist guinea pig teeth, so this material is perfect for your guinea pig cage. But your guinea pig can chew most of the other elements like vinyl, plastic, wood sticks, and canvas.

If any ill-suited materials are used for your guinea pig’s enclosure, they can chew their way out.

Your guinea pig can also damage your property by chewing your household items when they get bored.

So for keeping your property guinea pig-proofed, you must prepare something for your guinea pig for chewing and biting.

Why do guinea pigs chew on everything?

Chewing is necessary for your guinea pig. Not only to digest food easily but to keep their teeth in shape. Guinea pigs have large teeth that keep on growing. If they stop chewing, their teeth will be too large rapidly.

Guinea pigs prevent their teeth from overgrowing by chewing. While eating, they grind both their top and bottom teeth together, which stops their teeth from getting large. Too large teeth can create a problem for a guinea pig to eat and chew.

Large teeth can lead to a severe problem. As not eating for more than a day will lead to starvation. A guinea pig needs to eat every day because, as a small body animal; they cannot reserve much energy to survive.

Except for all these things, which makes chewing necessary for a guinea pig. Chewing also helps guinea pigs to get calm when they are stressed or when they get nervous for some reason.

When guinea pigs get bored, they chew. That is very common in a guinea pig being locked in their cage for a very long time. Chewing helps them to pass their time and also works to attract human attention.

Can guinea pigs chew on plastic?

Your guinea pig enjoys chewing plastic as it is durable and vigorous for eating, but it is also light enough to play with. Some guinea pigs strike over the plastic food bowl or litter tray to the ground and chew them.

You have to make sure that the plastic material you are providing to your guinea pig is sturdy. Most of the guinea pig loves to play with the lightweight plastic materials. They can spin it and also can chew through it.

Nowadays, maximum products of guinea pigs are made up of plastic with bright colors, as bright colors attract the buyers.

While making these kinds of product sellers ignore the need for animals. Some guinea pigs may also be allergic to plastic.

While buying plastic products for your guinea pig, you should make sure to obtain a reliable product to withstand your guinea pig’s teeth.

Also, it should be of some weight as lightweight material can be chewed to pieces by a guinea pig. It can harm them.

Keep away your guinea pig from the plastic bags. They very much like to play with it as it is light in weight and also they like the sound of plastic bags.

It can be very dangerous for your guinea pig to play with a plastic bag. They can get trapped in the bag, which can result in loss of oxygen.

If you ever find your guinea pig playing with plastic bags, remove it from them. They will not like it, but it is to save them.

Can guinea pigs chew on vinyl?

Vinyl is the leading material of our 21st century. It is cheap and used in many homes for different purposes. Vinyl is mainly used for flooring in the house. It is a sturdy material that your guinea pig will quietly like to chew.

Guinea pigs like vinyl as it is tough. If vinyl is laid in a very proper way, then it’s tough to pull it up and remove it. A guinea pig can chew any portion that comes out or is not correctly stuck together.

Vinyl is a sturdy material. Your guinea pig will chew it for a while and then spit it when they do not find it tasty to eat. But this doesn’t mean that your guinea pig will never be fond of eating it.

Your guinea pig can intake the small pieces of vinyl. They can swallow them either by mistake or their wish. If the vinyl is too big to digest, then it can result in intestinal blockage.

Besides swallowing the vinyl. Think about what you have used to place vinyl properly. Have you used any kind of glue or staples? Licking or eating these can be harmful to your guinea pig. There can also be bacteria on the material.

You can use vinyl in different ways as it is available in various forms. Some owners use them for covering their electrical wires by tubing. Some use them in their guinea pig cage.

Can guinea pigs chew on metal?

Can guinea pigs chew on metal

Metal wires are used to build cages and playpens so that guinea pigs remain in their dedicated areas.

High fences will be more effective as guinea pigs can jump short heights up to 20cm.

Your guinea pig may keep biting their cage bars. Although they might not be able to cut through the same, they can definitely harm themselves.

The metal mesh is also a standard component of all guinea pig cages.

It is used to keep the guinea pig inside their cages and also allow air to pass through.

If you apply something substantial like the sheets of PVC, it will prevent the air from circulating. This can also make your guinea pig’s cage smelly. It also makes it harder to keep them cool during the summers.

The only problem with wire is they come in different forms.

There is some wire which your guinea pig can easily chew through. If your guinea pig finds it easy to chew through the wire, then they can escape anytime by biting through their wire.

Chicken wire is one of the forms of wires. Chicken wire is thin and is used in a chicken cage.

Many owners find it useful for a guinea pig cage. But some guinea pigs may be able to chew through the same.

Even if they fail, they can get hurt by the sharp edges. Their nail and paws might get hurt. So, make sure to avoid the use of chicken wire around your guinea pig’s enclosure.

Hardware cloth is a form of mesh wire which will work as an alternative for keeping your guinea pig safe and secure. It can be used in making a DIY cage or hutch for your guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs chew on cardboard?

Can guinea pigs chew on cardboard?

Yes, guinea pigs can chew on cardboard with no problem at all. Just make sure there is no chemical over it.

Some guinea pigs tear and eat cardboard, which can harm their digestive system.

So, if your guinea pigs eat some small portion of it, then you should not offer it to your guinea pig, else it is okay if they only shred it into pieces.

Can guinea pigs chew on wood?

Can guinea pigs chew on wood?

Guinea pigs usually chew tree bark and branches. It means that they can chew through wood. Ultimately, a guinea pig can chew through any wood.

An owner should make sure that their guinea pig doesn’t chew the finished wood. It contains a chemical that can be harmful to a guinea pig.

You can provide a piece of wood to your guinea pig if they are a determined chewer. That will prevent them from being bored and also will file their teeth.

But you have to make sure that the wood you are offering to your guinea pig should be safe for them. Some of them are

  • Hawthorn
  • Willow
  • Basswood
  • Maple
  • Pecan
  • Cottonwood
  • Birch

Except for Apple, Raspberry, blackberry, and pear. Don’t use any other fruit tree wood.

Don’t collect wood for your guinea pig from the mess, or the ground of local forestry.

It is filled with chemicals and other parasites. There is also a chance of containing bacteria from animal waste. It can be a month ago of wood fallen from a tree.

Chewing habit of a guinea pig is a behavior which is very difficult to change. Instead of changing this, you should make it a concern and take it as a factor of your pet-proofing measures.

Giving your guinea pig an alternative mode of entertainment will make them less likely to chew in an ill-suited manner. That will be beneficial for all parties.

Why does guinea pig chew on the cage?

There may be a problem with them. It is also possible that guinea pigs are trying to tell you something.

Some of the reason for chewing through a wire on their cage is:

  • They are bored: Your guinea pig can get bored lying enough time inside a cage. Maybe your guinea pig doesn’t have any toys for their entertainment. In such cases, they start chewing the wire of their cage for entertainment.
  • They are stressed: Your guinea pig may chew the wire for soothing themselves when they don’t get their meal on time, as it can make them nervous. Also, they start pulling out their fur in such cases.
  • They lack space: Lack of space can also be a factor for such behavior as guinea pigs overgrow. They need a bigger cage as per they grow bigger. If they don’t get a much bigger cage, they then will do anything to get themselves free from that cage.
  • Their teeth hurt: Guinea pig needs to chew in case their pearly whites cause pain. Chewing helps them to soothe themselves.
  • They want social time: Your guinea pig will always want to join you whenever they find you awake. They will think that they are missing something out.

Can I stop guinea pigs from chewing?

You can stop your guinea pig chewing ill-suited items. Allow them to chew whatever they want to. Your guinea pig will chew through anything which will be fitted in their mouth.

On some occasions, this will be devastating. Your guinea pig can chew your pair of shoes or can chew your book. It can create a problematic issue in other cases.

In the occurrence of potential risk, like electric wires, don’t take any risk. Cover these chew spots with something your guinea pig can’t chew through. Split loom tubing will be helpful in such a case.

A stubborn guinea pig will ignore you in some cases. Your guinea pig will do whatever they want to do.

They can also be aggressive by feeling that you are provoking them by entering their territory, while others will start fearing, which can break your bond with your guinea pig.

You can stop guinea from chewing by offering them an enjoyable activity. You can play with them. It will also help them to remain fit.

Provide them the chance to dig and climb. That will make your guinea pig distracted, and they will not be very fond of chewing.

You can also use a spray in your guinea pig chewing target. Use a spray that makes the scent and taste of a chewing target unpleasant. This technique will not always work.

Some of the guinea pigs are brave enough to go through their chewing targets. You can get the spray from the pet stores if you like to make it at home, then use bitter smells. These smells are unpleasant for them.

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