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Are Guinea Pigs Noisy at Night?

Are Guinea Pigs Noisy at Night?

As you learn about guinea pigs, you will know that they are cute little creature carrying a calm and social personality trait. You might be thinking they can easily be a part of your lifestyle, but you must also understand how much noise they produce? Are guinea pigs noisy at night? Can they get on your nerves when you are trying to sleep at night? Let’s find out!

Many people believe that they are calm and quiet animals, but the opposite is true. They don’t create loud noises, but they do make various sounds when they communicate with each other. They can also be quite noisy when they are hungry or in distress.

Providing them with a Large cage, Lots of food and water at all times, and ensuring that they are healthy can be a key to ensure they remain a little quiet.

Sometimes they do make a lot of noises at night, which can be disturbing while you are trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Do guinea pigs make a lot of noise?

Yes, guinea pigs do make a lot of noise. In fact, they make a wide variety of noises when they communicate. They also express their feeling via various sounds to us.

Your guinea pig may purr when they are happy, rumble out of fear, or even chatter when they are unhappy.

Many guinea pig owners, especially beginners, don’t understand the meaning of their guinea pigs’ sound.

Failing to do so can be a problem not only for the guinea pig but also for their owners.

Guinea Pig Noises & What They Mean

Understanding the different sounds our guinea pig makes, especially when they need something or when they are in distress is essential. Let us try to understand what are the familiar sounds our guinea pigs make and what those sounds mean:


Purring is a sound that has a different meaning, depending upon the pitch of the sound. If your guinea pig is making a soft and deep purr along with a relaxed body posture, then it means they are happy.

If your guinea pigs have a good bond with you, they will purr when you pet them.

But if they purr in a high pitch sound and a tense body language, we must understand that this sound is out of annoyance or expression of their fear.

You may also notice your guinea pig is lying motionless after making the sound.

Teeth Chattering

Teeth chattering or hissing is a sound that your guinea pigs make when they are angry or agitated.

Usually, the sound is accompanied by an aggressive behavior like showing teeth. It means the guinea pig wants to indicate that you should stay away from me.

You will notice your guinea pig making this sound when someone invades their living space.

If you introduce a new guinea pig in the cage or someone new tries to reach your guinea pig, then they might make this gesture.


Yes, guinea pigs do growl sometimes. This sound may be something very unusual, and you will rarely hear it. However, if you hear this sound, make sure you immediately reach out to your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs growl when they feel threatened or frightened by something around them. They may also make this noise when all of a sudden, their living environment is changed.

Look around the environment to see if there are any threats around. It would be best if you also tried to calm down your guinea pig by talking with them.

However, don’t try to reach them as they may even bite you out of fear.

guinea pigs growling sounds

Sometimes you might notice a guinea pig growling at each other. It can be a sign that you either needs to separate their cages or keep them in a larger cage.


Wheeking is one of the most distinct and common noises which you will get used to. Guinea pigs make this noise when they are hungry. They can make loud noises in some cases.

They also make this noise when they are excited about something. You will notice that your guinea pig will make this sound when you open the fridge or food container to feed them.

They make the sound in anticipation of some tasty treats. They may also wheek out loud if you are late with their food, and they see you around.

Sometimes you will also notice that your guinea pigs keep wheeking even if they have a lot of food with them. They do so when they want to grab your attention.

They do this if they want to play with you or want some floor time.


A male guinea pig usually makes a rumbling noise when they try to attract a female for mating. It sounds more like a deeper purr with a lower pitch.

The sound is often accompanied by a behavior also known as mating dance by the male guinea pig. If the female is ready and wants to mate, she will also rumble back to the male.

If you have a pair of guinea pigs, you might hear this sound at night, although the sound is not that loud and disturbing.

However, if you have only a male guinea pig, then you will probably never hear this sound.


Shrieking sound is like a loud, high pitched scream or squeak made by guinea pigs. Guinea pigs make such loud noises when they are in pain or some discomfort.

You should definitely go ahead and check your guinea pig to make sure they are okay if they make such noises.

Sometimes guinea pigs also fight with each other resulting in some injury which can be a reason why your guinea pig is making such a noise.

You should check your guinea pig for swelling or discomfort if you notice the making this noise.

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One of the most distinct sound you will notice that your guinea pig is making is that of chirping. The music will be more like a bird chirping.

It is still unsure why do guinea pigs make such sound, but you will notice this sound commonly when a guinea pig has lost its companion in the recent period.

Researchers also believe that guinea pigs make such sound when they are in a trance-like state, but there is no concrete proof to back up the claim.


The cooing sound is more like a sound produced by pigeons. Guinea pigs do make this type of noise sometimes.

In general, Cooing is a sound that is used by the elder guinea pig to communicate with the younger guinea pigs.

You will notice the mother or the father making such noises around their babies. The sound can be considered as a reassurance to their babies by their parents.

Are guinea pigs noisy?

Yes, guinea pigs can get noisy at night. The noises guinea pig makes at night are not too loud. However, they do make some annoying sounds, which can be disturbing for some people.

Are guinea pigs noisy

Guinea pigs are Crepuscular animals. That means they remain active both day and night. Although they are more active during the day and less during the night, they make some noises at night.

Guinea pigs can start squeaking at night if they run out of hay or water; they can also begin chirping at night. Rumbling can even be heard during the night time if you have a pair of guinea pigs.

You can read our article on Guinea pig sleep to learn some interesting facts about their sleeping habit.

Tips To Keep Your Guinea Pigs Quiet At Night

I hope by now you must have understood what the sounds our guinea pigs make in common are and why do they make it. So, now let us discuss a few steps we can take to prevent some loud noises(especially at night) that our guinea pigs make:

Providing Fresh Water All The Time
Providing your guinea pigs with fresh water all the time is crucial. As guinea pigs are active throughout day and night, they can get thirsty at night after chomping some dry hay.

And sometimes if they run out of the water, they may start squeaking and purring.

So, it is an excellent practice to refill the water bottles with fresh and clean water during the day and at night before bedtime, so they never run out of water.

Refilling the hay
Guinea pigs need hay at all times as it is the staple part of their diet. Guinea pigs get essential fiber and nutrients from the hay which they need daily.

If you don’t provide good quality hay to your guinea pig, or somehow they run out of hay, then they might start wheeking and squeaking out loud due to hunger.

It is an excellent idea to refill their hay racks at least two times a day. This will ensure they get the food they need and keep them calm and happy.

Giving fresh vegetables
Giving Fresh Vegetables
Guinea pigs do need fresh vegetables in their daily diet. If we don’t provide enough fresh vegetables, then our guinea pigs may suffer from a lack of vitamin c, which can make them sick. So, they may end up making some loud noises all the time due to their ill-health.

It is a good idea to give a cup of fresh vegetables daily to your guinea pigs.

If you are unsure about what you can feed to your guinea pig daily, you should consider reading our article: Guinea pig balanced diet plan.

Guinea pigs do need a large enough cage to eat, play, and exercise.

If we don’t provide them a decent pen or their cage is too small, then it may get cluttered which will end up making your guinea pig bored and thus they will start making some loud noises.

Cleanup of the cage
Cleaning your guinea pig cage is an important aspect you cannot ignore.

If you don’t clean your guinea pigs cage properly regularly, then your guinea pigs might end up becoming sick.

Guinea pigs can suffer from mites, fungal infection, or even worse, a disease called bumblefoot, which can cause severe pain in a guinea pig.

As a result, you might hear your guinea pig Shrieking in pain.

Reference: Petmd

Quality bedding
A good quality bedding material is yet another critical aspect to consider.

Guinea pigs do need quality bedding which remains dry and odor-free at all times. If you don’t have beautiful bedding for them, then they might not get enough sleep and will end up making loud noises at night.

A hideout or cage cover
Placing a hideout or a cover in the cage is a magic trick for making your guinea pig calm and quiet at night. If you can provide some excellent and comfortable Hideouts or even cover your guinea pigs cage partially then, they might become less active and produce less noise.

Guinea pigs are prey animals, so they need to remain active all the time. However, if your guinea pig gets a comfortable and secure environment, then they will become less active and thus will produce fewer noises.

Are Guinea Pigs Noisy At Night? What noises do guinea pigs make?

FAQ about guinea pigs sound

What does a guinea pig sound like when it is happy?

If your guinea pigs are happy, you will notice them making some soft and deep purr. It is more like a purr of a cat but slightly sweet.

What noise do guinea pigs make when they are angry?

If your guinea pigs are angry, then you will probably hear them chattering their teeth or hissing at some times.

What does it mean when a guinea pig Coos?

Guinea pigs generally coos when they are trying to communicate with their younger ones. It is considered more reassurance for guinea pigs.

What does it mean when a guinea pig chirps?

Although the real reason behind the sound is still unknown, research suggests that guinea pigs chirp when a guinea pig has lost its companion in the recent period.

What does it mean when my guinea pig chatters?

A guinea pig usually chatters when they are angry or agitated. It usually means ‘back off’ and stay away from my space.

Why is my guinea pig squeaking at night?

Guinea pigs do squeak at night if they are hungry or thirsty. If you want them to stop screaming at night, make sure they have got enough hay and water in their cage. Also, ensure that they get their fair share of veggies in their daily diet.

Why does my guinea pig vibrate when I pet it?

Guinea pigs may sometimes vibrate when we pet them; This is something completely natural. Guinea pigs often feel happy when they share a good bond with you, so they do purr softly and vibrate sometimes. That is their way of communicating their good mood.

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