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Do Guinea Pigs Like To Watch TV?

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Watch TV?

TV is a common source of entertainment in our life. We used to watch TV every day when we got to be bored. But does it correctly work the same in our guinea pig’s life? Do guinea pigs like to watch TV? Is it safe for them? Let’s find out!

Your guinea pig will watch TV. Guinea pigs enjoy moving images and musical sounds, so television can provide them appropriate mental stimulation. However, you need to be mindful of the volume. Guinea pigs have a sensitive hearing capacity, so a loud noise can be stressful for them.

A guinea pig will always like to play or to be pampered by the owner whenever getting tired.

Guinea pigs want to watch TV as they like moving images and noise, but it should be in a less volume as a guinea pig can hear the voice very clearly if it is in a low volume.

High volume can hurt your pet’s ear. The owner has to make sure that whatever guinea pig is watching should be stress-free for your pet, and by that, I mean predators.

A guinea pig doesn’t understand that whatever they are seeing is just a visual they take for real, and because of this, they can come under stress and can lead to various issues.

A guinea pig can be familiar with music; they continuously hear every day. They will respond to that music every time you will play on TV once they get familiar with that music and start liking it. This goes the same with the visuals.

Do guinea pigs watch television?

Picture Credit: PP GUINEA PIGS, Instagram Handle: pp.guineapigs

Yes, guinea pigs do watch television.

Also, while watching TV, we get very relaxed, and from this guinea pig can take a nap at your side or enjoy being pampered by you.

This will create an alliance in your guinea pig’s mind. Next time when you watch TV, your pet will come to you to be pampered.

Guinea pigs also like to see visuals and hear a noise, but that noise should be in a less volume as guinea pigs are excellent listeners soo loud noise can hurt their ear.

They get fond of liking those visuals and sounds which you listen to and watch in your everyday routine looks like your favorite shows transfix them.

Guinea pigs don’t understand the dialogue and the emotions of any scenes, too, as they can only see visuals and hearing noise.

What do guinea pigs like to watch on TV?

Guinea pigs like various things to watch on television. The major attraction of guinea pigs in television are 

  • Bright display 
  • Colorful images
  • Noise, but it should not be loud as it can harm their ear
  • Moving images

Listening to the music of one type will make your guinea pig transfix. Your pet will respond to that music when it will be played next time in the future. It goes the same with the visuals. 

There are a variety of shows which contain bright and colorful images with a good sound that gets telecast on television. Some of them include:

  • Cartoons
  • Music Videos
  • Dance Videos

An owner should look after it so that there is no loud voice as guinea pigs are very excellent listeners.

They can harm their ear by listening to loud or unexpected noise.

Loud noise can scare your pet, which can lead to a severe heart issue. If you are watching something loud on television, make sure to use a headphone while your pet is around you. 

Can a guinea pig get scared by images on TV?

Yes, a guinea pig can get scared by seeing a predator on TV as your pet will start thinking of being attacked.

Guinea pigs don’t know that whatever they are watching on TV is just a visual they take in real, so whenever they see a predator on TV, they can get scared.

Toys are essential to keep our guinea pigs mentally and physically stimulated and happy.

Can guinea pigs get scared by sounds on TV?

Yes, guinea pigs can get scared by a loud noise. Guinea pigs are excellent listeners, so a bit of loud sound can harm your pet’s ear.

Loud and unexpected sounds can scare your guinea pig.

A noisy sound guinea pig can also come under stress, which can lead to serious heart problems.

Owners should make sure that their guinea pig is watching TV with a low volume, and while you are watching something, you should use headphones while your pet is around you.

How safe is TV for our guinea pigs?

As we came to know from the above information, loud noise can harm the guinea pig’s ear, and the visual of a predator can scare your guinea pig by which your pet will come under stress and lead to various hearts diseases.

Doing anything in excess can harm us. Just like watching TV all the time can harm your pet as they can be physically ill by just lying on a sofa and not having enough exercise for being fit.

Watching TV should not act as a replacement for playing and running for being entertained.

Too much noise and visuals can raise a guinea pig heart rate, leading to various heart diseases.

My guinea pigs hate TV

Not every guinea pig is fond of watching TV. Some may have an issue watching television.

Reason can be a loud noise or uneasy visuals being played on TV.

Also, a guinea pig can find that they are not getting attention while you are watching television. Guinea pigs don’t know what television is, for them, TV only makes loud noises. 

If your guinea pig is having a problem with this, it will be detected by her body language.

As your guinea pig will turn her back on the screen or show you various signs telling you that “I don’t want to watch TV.” 

We know that it is impossible to stop watching TV every day in your routine life, but you can’t even run down your guinea pig.

You can deal with this problem by building a positive alliance in your guinea pig’s mind, and you can do this by getting your guinea pig into a routine.

  • Feed your guinea pig before letting out from the cage 
  • After releasing play with your guinea pig on the floor
  • When you get done playing, sit in your preferred seat and let your guinea pig join you.
  • Now turn on the TV at a very low volume. Also, do petting so your guinea pig can feel better.

Your guinea pig will stop fearing the television after some time. Also, your guinea pig will start developing a positive mind towards television time.

My guinea pigs bite me while I watch TV?

Are guinea pigs easily stressed

Guinea pigs hate to be ignored if you are too preoccupied with TV rather than grooming or petting your pet than your pet will react. 

Your guinea pig will show you some signs for some days before biting you as biting is the last option to tell you that your guinea pig feels ignored by you and wants attention. These signs include: 

  • Nibbling
  • Digging in your lap
  • Nudging

Petting or grooming while watching TV will be very helpful to let your guinea pig join you.


  • From all the information above now, we now know that guinea pigs can like to watch television, but in a low volume, as high volume can harm your guinea pig’s ear.
  • Also, a predator’s visuals can scare your guinea pig, which can get your guinea pig under stress. Guinea pigs like to see bright colors and moving images.
  • Excess of television can lead to physical illness in your guinea pig as your pet will lie on a sofa watching TV rather than having proper exercise.
  • Sometimes all guinea pigs want is your attention, so while watching television, petting or pampering your guinea pig will be very helpful to develop a positive mind for television time in your guinea pig.


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