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What to Do With a Dead Guinea Pig? (Cremation, Compost or Disposal)

What to Do With a Dead Guinea Pig? (Cremation, Compost or Disposal)

It is the toughest time for the owner when their beloved guinea pig passes away. You need to be practical in this challenging time of dead guinea pig’s disposal. When your guinea pig dies, you must remove their remains sympathetically but lawfully. Animal body disposal regulations differ from state to state.

Maybe you are allowed to put your guinea pig in the trash, but laws differ between states, so you need to check that first. Some states allow their residents to bury their pets in the backyard so you can look out for the same as well. If not, then look for a funeral and memorial service.

When your guinea pig passes away, then there must be many things to be considered. Safety is more important than anything else for your neighbors and you.

If the dead body of your guinea pig contains traces of disease, it must be handled in a particular manner. This guide will explain to you how to dispose of a dead body of your guinea pig.

How to check if a guinea pig is dead?

You need to make sure that your guinea pig is dead. Those guinea pigs who are living with an infection or older can be inactive.

It is easy to be afraid to find that your guinea pig is still alive or not. Check vital signs of your guinea pig if it looks like that they are dead. This means:

  1. Pulse: Pulse of a guinea pig is found on the inner thigh, above the femoral artery.
  2. Breathing: Hold a finger to a small degree in front of a guinea pig’s mouth and nose to confirm.
  3. Capillary refill: Capillary refill should be in every two seconds.
  4. Signs of urgent defecation: Guinea pigs empty their intestine(s) at the moment of death.

Start making arrangements if you are sure that your guinea pig is dead.

Always be sure of yourself, though. It’s heard that guinea pigs can come back from the dead, especially in freezing temperatures.

How to dispose of a dead guinea pig?

When you are sure that your guinea pig has passed away, you must dispose of the guinea pig’s dead body.

If your guinea pig died under the care of a veterinary surgeon, they would ask you to take care of their remains. It is preferable to accept this request, especially if your guinea pig was put to sleep forever.

A veterinary surgeon will arrange for funeral or cremation in a dignified, safe, and legally-compliant way.

There will be an amount of money, time, and energy which is required to obtain to make the arrangements.

It will be inexpensive than a penalty from a local authority for inappropriate animal disposal, though.

However, If your guinea pig dies at your home, then you have the following options:

  1. Private Burial: Most of the people prefer to place their pets in a tomb at home only. Also, there will be legal involvements surrounding this that need to be confirmed.
  2. Garbage Disposal: Check with your local waste collector for state-specific rules and regulations.
  3. Private Cremation: From a local provider, you can arrange a private cremation. That will be expensive, but dignified and safe.
  4. Composting: If you don’t want to keep the remains of your guinea pig, but prefer not to refuse them, think about composting.

It is better to call animal control when you find the body of your guinea pig. They will be able to give suggestions on suitable action.

Can I put a dead guinea pig in the bin?

Putting your guinea pig’s body into the garbage doesn’t look like a perfect end. You need to remember those times, and memories with your guinea pig, though. Your pet has passed away, and the body of your guinea pig remains here. 

Some states and cities permit you to dispose of medium-sized or small creatures in the garbage. You can call your local sanitation department and check if this will allow you to do so. 

There may be specific rules and regulations that apply, even if you can put a dead animal in the garbage. Things that need to be considered include:

  1. For how long is it until your trash is collected? The dead body of animals smells very bad. You can leave the dead body in the freezer up to the time of collection day.
  2. Do wild animals come to see for food in your trash? Make sure that the body of your guinea pig is securely wrapped.
  3. Is there any risk of having the dead body in the garbage which causes infectious disease? So it is not the right choice to leave them in a public place.
  4. Do you need to tag the body as animal remains? Do so if it feels necessary. The last thing you want is a garbage collector refusing to take the body.

Throwing away a dead guinea pig into the trash is not a suitable solution. It will remain upon your mind, though, if you have no other options.

Just the same, don’t try to think that you can throw away a guinea pig with used coffee beans. Specific protocols must be noticed and registered as being significant for the protection of your neighbors.

Can I compost a dead guinea pig?

Dead guinea pigs can be composted. That be the only solution for some of the owners. It is a kind of compromise if you cannot keep the remains of your guinea pig, but also don’t want to throw them away.

The body of your guinea pig is added to a compost pile, where it naturally decomposes. That is a climate-friendly way to leave your pet forever. Your guinea pig will remain on in the areas and air of your nation.

Location is the only problem with composting. Unless you already have a huge compost pile on your area, home is not suitable. Also if your guinea pig died from a disease, then composting them could pose a risk.

If you live near the farm, try to ask them if they would like to compost your guinea pig’s remains. The farms have the compost pile at work, so they would surely be happy to do so.

Can I bury my guinea pig?

If your guinea pig was a loveable member of the family, you might like to put them underground in your garden. In this way, you can create a statue. From this, you will always remember your guinea pig.

Firstly check that it is legal in your state if this is something you want to do. From your local board of health, you can read up this information. Or else if you have any doubt or query, then you may contact animal control and ask them for their suggestion.

Most states will allow the funeral of a small creature, for example, a guinea pig. Always be confident, though. However, losing your guinea pig is difficult for you; digging up your guinea pig on proper instruction is again more difficult for you.

If you borrow your property, then you will need to have permission from your landowner.

Digging remains of the animal may be considered an act of breaking or failing to observe a law or code of conduct of your tenancy. That can result in expulsion.

These laws do not stand to make the life of distressed pet owners more difficult. As an alternative, they are based on safety and health regulations. Dead animals can cause dangerous health problems for wildlife and human beings.

If you have decided to entomb your guinea pig, you will need to make sure you do it properly. Never put sweets in the funeral of a guinea pig in your sadness. That can bring to further difficulties.

Can you get a guinea pig cremation?

Another way to build a memorial is a cremation if you are not able to bury your guinea pig. Cremation is open to guinea pigs, as it is generally linked with bigger pets.

The procedure will include taking the body of your guinea pig to an animal crematorium. Once you arrive there, you can talk about your options. You can wish to arrange an online monument or purchase a container to hold their ashes.

The latter will be inexpensive, but the first-mentioned gives you a physical memory of your guinea pig.

The cost of cremation is different, depending on the ceremony you select. Communal creation will be an inexpensive option. That sees many creatures cremated together, and the cost shared among their families of humans.

Once you have the ashes of your guinea pig, you can do anything as per your choice. You can spread them over your backyard. You can wish to keep them in a vase. Even you can turn them into jewelry.

Eventually, consider spotting the remains of your guinea pig in a pet cemetery. The location of many animal crematoria is a house. With a monument, you can always visit your guinea pig.

Also check: Your area cremation helpline details

What can i do if my guinea pig died

When you realize that your guinea pig has no more, you will need to take quick action. Nobody wants to compromise the importance of their pet, even after they died.

You need to be careful when dealing with any dead animal. Don’t just pick your guinea pig up, hold them. Take the proper care to make sure for your safety by answering these questions first. 

  1. Does the guinea pig smell bad? It will take around 3 days to start the process of decomposition. That is a crucial sign if a guinea pig smells.
  2. How did the guinea pig die? If guinea pigs were unhealthy, admit this, and take care of it. A guinea pig dies through old age then it is less upsetting.
  3. How long has the guinea pig been dead? A guinea pig can be dead for many days if you were on a vacation and discovered it only after you returned.

Don’t try to touch your guinea pig if they have been dead for many days, and began to decompose. Call dead pet disposal service or animal services.

If your guinea pig’s death was sudden, you could handle the guinea pig with proper care. Always wear gloves for your safety. Also, it is recommended to wear those clothes that you will not care to throw away.

Gently drape your guinea pig in a crate or box, bag, and manage the disposal of their remains. As we mentioned, you have many options to do so.

How to bury a guinea pig?

You can bury your guinea pig only if you have the legal permission to do so. Please ensure that you do it appropriately, though. You can bury a guinea pig by following these steps:

  1. If your guinea pig passes away from natural causes, this is not important. If they were euthanized or unhealthy, they must be wrapped. A plastic crate or box will be acceptable.
  2. Select a suitable location for the funeral. The funeral should be at least 50 feet from your house and any water bodies. That avoids the decomposing remains of your guinea pig from infecting the water supply.
  3. Make sure that your digging will not mess with any utility pipes. You may need to ask your local permission for this.
  4. Dig a tomb for your guinea pig. You can get away with two feet for this, but it is advisable to get away with three or four feet. Cats, dogs, or wild animals can dig it up if the hole is not deep enough.

Put some stones and rocks to the gravesite. These will block the entry of other animals to the grave, and avoid them from digging. They can also be a monumental tombstone by putting double.

Once you have finished this procedure, your job is done. Your guinea pig will be rest in peace and have been buried with satisfaction. All that remains is the fun time and the memories that you had made with your guinea pig.

Guinea pig death funeral

The business of pet funerals is rising day by day throughout the country. That gives rise to this as a choice for your guinea pig.

If you can arrange a formal pet funeral, find a manager in your locality. The Yellow Pages will be a list of these. On the other hand, you can ask for advice from your veterinarian. They will know about the proper services.

Usually, the funeral can be held in a pet churchyard or your own home. Naturally, this indicates that you can tie it in with a funeral.

The funeral of animals can be expensive. That means that, if you are allowed to conceal your guinea pig, you can hold it yourself. That will help with the suffering procedure, mainly for children.

There is no wrong or right way to mark the demise of a guinea pig. You need to find a way to deal with this situation that works for your family. If that involves a funeral, so accept it.

What should I do when one of my guinea pigs dies?

The death of a guinea pig with a bonded friend can be challenging. You will need to avoid any deadly infection that can affect the other guinea pig. That makes it appealing to separate the guinea pigs before the end comes near.

A bonded guinea pig will preferably see the body of their dead partner, though. That will not hurt them. They can jump happily around the body.

That does not mean that your guinea pig is happy that their friend has passed away. In the longer term, they will be destroyed. That is just a way to say goodbye to them.

Don’t leave a dead guinea pig with a living partner for the long-term. Allow the other guinea pig to see the remains for an hour, though. Calm down your guinea pig during this tough period.

The guinea pig will be more worried if their partner disappears with no logical justification.

Guinea pigs know the meaning of death. As in the wild, they are surrounded by it. The last opportunity to say goodbye to their partner provides them with a shutdown.

Source: CDC guideline

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