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Litter Box For Guinea Pigs: A Helpful Buyer’s Guide

Most people do some basic research about guinea pigs, and they learn that guinea pigs are easy to take care of and great family pets, so they end up getting one for themselves. Soon they realize that they can be a complete mess if we do not train them properly and take good care of them. So, Where does the litter box for guinea pigs comes into play?

If you already own a guinea pig then by now, you should have realized that your guinea pigs are like a poop machine. They poop and pee now and then. So, having a right litter box and training your guinea pig to use one can be a lifesaver when it comes to daily maintenance.

If you can litter train your guinea pigs, then you can control the mess spread all around their cage. It can be pretty easy to clean a litter box every day rather than the entire enclosure.

Yes, You will still need to do regular maintenance, and some poop will always be present in the sleeping couch area or other corners, but a significant chunk of it gets reduced.

So, Now that you know how crucial a litter box can be for your guinea pig, you should immediately look out for one. Now, you might be wondering how to choose the right one for your guinea pig? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have tested a dozen of these boxes and listed the top 5 of them from which you can choose very easily.

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Best litter box for guinea pigs

Here we have listed our top 5 picks of litter boxes for your guinea pigs. I hope you will find the right one among them for your guinea pig.

Still unsure about the litter box and which one to choose? Don’t worry just continue to read till the end and we will discuss in detail about potty training and looking in-depth all the above-listed litter box.

Can you litter train a guinea pig?

Yes, a guinea pig can be litter trained. But do not consider this to be an easy task to do. Preparing a guinea pig to litter in a box or pan can take a serious amount of time, patience and efforts as compared to other animals.

Guinea pigs are terrible at holding their poop. You will find them pooping everywhere, even on you. So, litter training a guinea pig will not always be 100% perfect but will somewhat reduce the efforts needed to maintain their cages.

What can I use for guinea pig litter tray?

You can use any good bedding of your guinea pig in the litter tray usually paper confetti, paper bedding, etc. works great. Just remember to go an organic natural paper-based bedding rather than wood shavings. Wood shaving often causes various respiratory diseases as compared to the paper-based bedding.

Using a good quality bedding material at the litter tray is essential. A quality litter shall ensure that the odor of the poop doesn’t get spread across the room. It shall also provide your guinea pig with a comfortable environment thus encouraging the use of the same even further.

You need to change the litter every 2-3 days depending upon the size of the box as well as the mess created by your guinea pigs. Do consider deep cleaning the litter pan once a week when you will be cleaning the rest of your cage as well.

Simple steps to litter train a Guinea pig?

Just getting a litter box and placing it at anywhere in the cage won’t encourage your guinea pig to use the same. And if you cannot get your guinea pig to use it, then it will be a total waste. So, Here are some steps to follow if you want to litter train your guinea pigs:

  • The first and foremost step is to observe your guinea pig for a few days. You will notice that your guinea pig will eliminate at a particular location in the cage. This location is usually a corner and generally in a dark area of your enclosure as they consider it a safe zone.
  • The second step is to choose the right size litter box or tray and place it at that particular corner of the cage. Your guinea pig might get intimidated by the new object in their cage. A simple solution for the same is to cover it will some hay to make it more comfortable and inviting for your guinea pigs.
  • The next step is to create some additional shade in the area you placed the litter box. The darkness shall ensure that your guinea pig feels comfortable going there.
  • You can watch the behavior of your guinea pig and change the location if necessary in the future.
  • Always remember that not all guinea pigs are the same and some will continue to create some mess around the cage. Some might not at all use the litter box, and that is entirely normal.
Recommended Supplies For Guinea pigs: Our Top Picks!
Before you learn more,here are some hand-picked supplies for your guinea pigs that you must add to your wishlist today:

Top 5 Litter Box For Guinea Pigs

Ware Manufacturing Litter tray For Guinea Pigs


Ware Litter tray For Guinea Pigs is one of the most economical choices to start with. This tray is of a great size for a guinea pig and at the same time is very affordable and well made for the price range it is offered.

The litter pan is made up of durable and odorless plastic which can be easily attached to the cage with the hooks it comes with. The locks not only helps in easy placement but also prevents the risk of flipping the tray.

The wire floor ensures to keep the litter in a place and avoid spillage of the same. It is not only easy to clean but also reasonably durable and can easily last for years.

Check out the current prices of this litter box for guinea pigs only on Amazon.

Baijia Pet Litter Pan For Guinea Pigs

Litter Pan For Guinea Pigs

Baijia litter pan is yet another exceptional choice of litter pan for your guinea pigs. This pan is a small option for ones who don’t have much space in the cage.

The actual tray is wholly made up of plastic which is durable and pretty easy to clean. It comes with a plastic hook at the back which can easily get attached to any wired cage.

The litter box is an excellent choice for any small-medium size cage and fits in the corner pretty comfortably making it an exceptional option for our guinea pigs.

Check out the current prices of this litter box only on Amazon.

Kaytee Corner Litter Tray For Guinea Pigs

Litter Tray For Guinea Pigs

Kaytee corner litter tray is an excellent choice for a large size cage which houses multiple guinea pigs. It is best suited for CC cages. It is made up of strain and odor resistant plastic and comes in 4 variety of colors.

This pan has a smart design as the high corners prevent spillage while the lower entry side makes it quite accessible for our guinea pigs. This pan can efficiently serve a couple of guinea pigs if placed in a large cage.

However, there is a con to this one, and that is it doesn’t come with security locks to attach it to the cage and hence there is a chance that it might flip on the sides and spill all the mess around the cage.

Check out the current prices of this litter tray only on Amazon.

MoMaek Litter Box Potty Trainer For Adult Guinea Pig

Litter Box for adult guinea pigs

MoMaek Litter Box is an excellent choice for adult guinea pigs. It is made up of good quality plastic material which is durable as well as odor and stain resistant making it a perfect choice for your guinea pigs.

The pan comes with cage hooks and holes which can be used to hold the pan from flipping and spilling. The cage mess holds all the poop in below bind and thus prevents it from spreading across the cage.

You will surely need a large size cage to house this in as it occupies a significant amount of space. To conclude I would definitely recommend it for a pair of guinea pigs.

Check out the current prices of this Amazing litter tray for guinea pigs only on Amazon.

KAMEIOU White Guinea Pigs Litter Tray

Guinea Pigs Litter Tray

KAMEIOU White Guinea Pigs Litter Tray is an excellent choice for a cage which holds multiple guinea pigs. Made up of plastic and stainless grid, it is quite durable and easy to clean.

The litter box size is – 11 inches in length,8 inches in width,6.3 inches in back height, 2.8 inches in Front height which can be easily attached to the cage on two sides with cage hooks attached.

The build quality of this one is really premium and it surely does last for years but again it is on the higher side when it comes to costing.

Check out the current prices of this Amazing Guinea pigs litter box only on Amazon.

If you have found a litter box for your guinea pig and found our resource on the same to be helpful, then do share it with your friends who are also in need of the same.

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