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Best guinea pig cages for 2 or more(2021)

Guinea pigs are one of the most loved and kept pets after mainstream pets like dogs and cats. If you are also wondering about getting one for yourself or you already have one and wants to offer large guinea pig cages to them so that they can have more space and live happily, then you are at the right place.

Guinea pigs are caged animals; they spend most of their time in their cages.

So, having a reasonably large cage with lots of space for them to play, eat, and sleep is essential.

Sadly most of the pens we get in pet stores are really small and not suitable for guinea pigs.

Many people don’t have the right idea of the cage size, and they choose a small cage as they see the young guinea pigs are tiny.

But don’t judge them by their size at a young age, Guinea pigs can grow significantly that too very quickly and soon you will notice that your cage is running short on space.

Also, most parents tend to fall in love with them so much that a pair of guinea pigs soon turns out to reach 6 or even more in numbers.

So, getting the giant cage can surely provide us with space if we want to add more of them later on.

So, without further delay, let us first check out what are the best giant cage options available for our guinea pigs.

We will also learn about their key features and more as you real along till the end.

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Large Guinea Pig Cages: My Recommendation!

If you are looking for a quick list of large guinea pig cages then here you go:

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If you want to learn more about what is the minimum cage size for our guinea pigs, what type of cages are available, and what would be the best choices, and why?

Then I would request you to read till the end so that you can give a healthy and comfortable living environment to your guinea pigs.

Things to consider while buying a guinea pigs cage?

There are many guinea pig cages available in the market, but you should consider a few factors while choosing one for your guinea pigs.

Let us have a look at a few of the most important factors to consider while buying a cage for your guinea pigs:


As we had discussed earlier, the size of the cage is one of the most crucial factors while choosing a cage for your guinea pigs.

Being a caged animal, they spend most of their life in their enclosure, so providing them with adequate living space is really crucial.

We must ensure that we get at least 7.5 sq feet of space for a pair of piggies then we can further add 3 sq feet for every additional guinea pig we get.

Providing them with this kind of space will help them develop properly and live a long healthy life.

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Bar spacing

We must also look for the bar spacing of the cage we choose for our guinea pigs.

You definitely don’t want your guinea pig to get their mouth or nose hurt as they try to squeeze through the bars or try to bite them.

Getting a cage with a maximum bar spacing of 1..5 inches(3.6 cm) is ideal for our guinea pigs.

Anything above that can be a little dangerous for our guinea pigs.

Build quality and durability

Guinea pigs love to chew stuff. So, getting a sturdy cage with a quality finish is essential.

You definitely don’t want your cage to be made up of weak materials that guinea pigs can chew through.

In general, guinea pig cages are made up of wood, metal, plastic, and fiber or a combination of them.

You must definitely ensure that whatever you get for your guinea pig is durable and sturdy.

Trying to save a few bucks initially can cost you later on. So, it is better to watch out!

Ease of cleaning

Ease of cleaning is another crucial factor to consider while getting a cage. Guinea pigs are messy animals; you need to clean their cage daily and a thorough cleanup weekly.

So, if you get an enclosure that is tough to clean, or has small doors or access which makes cleaning a dreaded task, then you might have trouble later on.

Always choose a cage that is easy to spot clean. It will definitely make your life more comfortable in the long run.


If you are someone who keeps traveling or shifting due to work purposes or any other reason, then you should definitely be careful while choosing a cage for your guinea pig.

You definitely don’t want to get something that can cost you a fortune to shift from one place to another.

Getting a fair size cage or a CC cage is best as they can be ripped apart into smaller pieces and shifted from one place to another quickly.

There are many travel containers also available if you are looking for one.

Location of cage(indoor/outdoor)

The location or placement of the cage is another crucial factor to consider while getting an enclosure.

If you are getting a cage which you can place indoor, then any large size cage or CC cage can work like a charm, but if you are planning to keep your guinea pigs outside, then you will definitely need a well-insulated enclosure or a hutch so that they can live a happy life.

You will also need to make sure your cage is good enough to protect your guinea pigs from predators as there are a lot of predators who can hunt them down.

Recommended Supplies For Guinea pigs: Our Top Picks!
Before you learn more,here are some hand-picked supplies for your guinea pigs that you must add to your wishlist today:

Best Guinea Pig cages for 2 or more: Check Out My Top Picks!

Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat

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Midwest Guinea pig cage is one of the best cages for beginners. The reason why everyone suggests this cage is because of its versatility.

The enclosure is designed in a modular way, which means you can add another pen and connect them together with a ramp to instantly double the space.

The cage is made up of wired mesh with just the right bar spacing.

The size of the pen is also perfect for a pair of guinea pigs, which is ideal for a beginner.

The bottom layer is made with a canvas type material which is waterproof as well as scratch-resistant.

The cage is separated into a larger section as well as a smaller section by a small wall inside.

The wall separates the eating area from the play area. The cage has a movable wire mesh at the top which can be opened to place the food, clean the cage, etc.

Guinea Pig Cage Set Up
Key features
  • Ideal cage size for a pair of guinea pigs(8 sq feet).
  • Modular design, which can be expanded as per need and space.
  • Durable and precise finish resulting in a high-quality product.
  • Locking doors and top section makes the cage secured.

Check out this fantastic cage, which most guinea pig parents adore at an affordable price only at Amazon.

You can also get an extra canvas for the bottom of your midwest cage. Check out to buy one.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

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If you want to go a little premium with build quality along with all other key features required for a guinea pig cage which is perfect for 2 of them then living world deluxe habitat is the one you should go with.


The cage you are looking to buy here is the one which is extra large in size as that’s one of the best and largest pet store type cages you can get for your guinea pigs.

The cage is made up of metal and plastic components, which is chew resistant as well as durable in spite of such a large size.

What I loved the most about this cage is the ability to detach the bottom plastic portion of the cage; doing so makes cleaning an easy task.

The second best feature is that the design is collapsible, which makes it easier to transport when needed.

Key features
  • Large enough space for housing two guinea pigs.
  • Comes with all the necessary feeder equipment needed for guinea pigs. (bottle, food bowl)
  • A raised platform which can serve as a sleeping loft for guinea pigs.
  • It has two domed shape roof which can be opened and closed as per need.
  • Sturdy build quality.

Check out this fantastic premium build cage for a pair of guinea pigs only at Amazon.

Kaytee Giant Guinea Pig Habitat

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Kaytee giant guinea pig habitat is also an excellent cage for a pair of guinea pigs.

The size of the pen is reasonably large around 8 sq feet, and the cage comes with two shelves, rams and food dishes, which is another added bonus.

The cage features two doors, one at the front and other at the top, which makes the cage accessible till every corner.

The enclosure also has Chew-proof latches and locks which makes it really secured.

The only downside I have noticed in this cage is cleaning the bottom portion of the cage.

It gets a little tricky without removing all the shelves to clean the area below it. Apart from that, the pen is really well built and sturdy.

Key features
  • The cage is made up of sturdy materials and can comfortably house a pair of guinea pigs.
  • Raised platform and ramp which can serve as a feeding area and sleeping loft.
  • It comes with the food dish included in it.
  • Two door access to the cage; One being at the top and another at the front.

Check out this cage at the cheapest possible price only at Amazon.

LANGXUN 16pcs Wired CC cage For Guinea Pigs

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If you are looking for a modular D.I.Y cage which can be modified and transformed as per need and situation, then you must definitely go for CC cage.

I am a pretty big fan of these cages as they give me a lot of freedom to experiment and provide the best living environment to my guinea pigs.

How to Make a Good C&C Cage

The frame usually consists of metal wires which can be attached using plastic corner thingies. You can basically form different shapes and sizes of the enclosure using this one.

Now coming to this particular cage, it usually comes with 16 pieces of wire mesh which can be used in a rectangular shape to form an enclosure which makes around 10 sq feet area.

You would need something at the bedding for sure. You can either use canvas pieces which can be craved in size and attached at the bottom, or purchase an extra set of wire mesh for the bottom and later cover it with fleece to make a perfect cage for your guinea pigs.

Key features
  • Sturdy and long lasting build.
  • Can be modified and expanded as per need
  • Can be used for housing 3-4 guinea pig.
  • Really easy to clean and maintain.
  • Can be collapsed and shifted from one place to another.

Check out this basic CC cage for your guinea pig only at Amazon.

Tespo 12 Pcs CC Cage For Guinea Pigs

No products found.

If you are looking for an overkill, you can get this Tespo CC cage. The good part about this is that you will have more than enough panels to experiment with the cage.

The good part about this product is it comes with cable ties and anti-slip pieces which can be used to reinforce the whole structure and help build ramps and doors.

The setup is best if you want to raise the cage above the ground or set up an enclosure with two layers of living space.

Key features
  • Sturdy and quality material.
  • It can be expanded and designed as per need and specification.
  • Cable ties and anti-slip pieces open door for a lot of design possibilities.
  • Can house a lot more guinea pigs in it.
  • Very cost efficient setup for the size and quality being offered.

Check Out This Fantastic Large CC Cage For Your Guinea Pigs Only At Amazon

Aivituvin Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch With Run

No products found.

Aivituvin Outdoor Guinea pig hutch is a perfect enclosure for your guinea pig if you want to keep them outside your house.

Many guinea pig parents struggle to keep their guinea pigs indoor, and they are looking for a perfect hutch to keep their guinea pigs outside. For such parents, this hutch is a blessing in disguise.

The hutch is made up of premium quality wood and metal, and it also protects your guinea pigs from all sorts of predators out there.

The enclosure is well insulated to protect them in changing weather conditions.

It also comes with removable trays, which makes cleaning an easy task. The hutch has wheels attached at the bottom, making it very easy to move from one spot to another.

The living space is also just enough for a pair of guinea pigs to live a happy and playful life.

Key features
  • Premium quality build with wood and metal works.
  • Wheels at the bottom allows easy movement.
  • Removable trays for cleaning the litter quickly.
  • Enough space to house a pair of guinea pigs.
  • Waterproof and well insulated build to last against any weather conditions

Check out this amazing hutch for your guinea pigs only at Amazon.

CO-Z Weatherproof Outdoor Wooden Guinea Pig House

No products found.

This CO-Z Wooden Guinea Pig House is yet another exceptional product for your guinea pigs.

The most promising feature of this hutch is that the bottom layer can be used as a run while the upper portion acts as a cozy space for a nap.

The hutch is built with premium quality fir wood and painted with Eco-friendly waterproof, non-toxic varnish.

The paint not only gives the enclosure a premium finish but also makes it waterproof, anti-corrosion, and also UV-resistant.

The removable tray makes cleaning the top portion very easy. Also, the cage comes with a two-door opening design, which makes every corner accessible and easy to clean.

Key features
  • Sturdy and premium build with fir wood and Eco-friendly paint.
  • The hutch features Two layer, one at the top & one at the bottom.
  • Removable trays for cleaning the litter quickly.
  • Comes with an year warranty and 30 days money back free trial.
  • The roof is waterproof and the sleeping area is well insulated that helps transition through weather changes.

Check out this fantastic premium hutch for your guinea pigs only at Amazon.

Aivituvin Guinea Pig Cage with Run & Waterproof Roof

No products found.

Aivituvin Guinea pig hutch with a run is also a great choice for people who are a little more concerned with aesthetics.

The cage looks aesthetically pleasing but at the same time, it provides all the necessary needed for guinea pigs.

The enclosure used for wood for paneling, asphalt roof for waterproofing and Eco-friendly paint to make the enclosure safe for our guinea pigs.

The cage comes with a metal feeder and chews toys as an added bonus. The size of the cage as well as the bar spacing is also perfect for a pair of guinea pigs.

Key features
  • Sturdy and premium build with fir wood, Asphalt roofing and Eco-friendly paint.
  • The hutch features Two layer, one at the top which acts as a sleeping loft while other at bottom can be used as a run.
  • Removable trays for cleaning the litter quickly.
  • Aesthetically pleasing for guinea pig owners as well.
  • The roof is waterproof and the sleeping area is well insulated that helps transition through weather changes.

Check out this amazing hutch with a run only at Amazon.


What kind of cage is best for a guinea pig?

Experts recommend a Midwest cage or a D.I.Y CC cage for most beginners.
The reason these cages are given preference over the others is the modular design of the enclosure.
It is effortless to expand and change according to the situation and need. So, those are the best cages any beginner should start with.

What should be the minimum size of a guinea pig cage?

The minimum size for a guinea pig cage should be 7.5 sq feet. The bigger, the merrier is a proverb that fits right in this case.
If you can get a larger enclosure then definitely go for it. But bare minimum 7.5 sq feet for a pair of guinea pig would do just fine.
For any additional guinea pig, you need to add 3 sq feet of space per guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs have multi-level cages?

Yes, a Guinea pig can have multi-level cages. But you need to be careful that the ramps and the layer are well attached and stable.
Guinea pigs are afraid of height, add the instability of slope, and they might end up not using it at all.

Do guinea pig cages need a top?

No, it is not necessary to have a top in your cage if you have their enclosure set up in a place where they are completely safe from predators.
If you have dogs, cats, or any other animals or you have the cage set up in such a spot where other outside predators might come in then it is preferred to have a top in their cage.

Can guinea pigs use ramps?

Yes, guinea pigs can use ramps. The trick here is to set up a low incline ramp which makes climbing an easy task for them.
If the slope is steep, then they might not end up not using it at all.

Do guinea pigs need toys in their cage?

Yes, It is recommended to add some toys in your guinea pigs cage. Guinea pigs are active animals, and they need some sort of mental stimulation all the time to keep themselves happy.
If we could provide some safe and enjoyable toys to our guinea pigs, then they might live a merrier life.
Note: if you notice your guinea pig is chewing the cage bar a lot then try adding some chew toys in their cage. Sometimes, they chew on the bars when they get bored.
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Do guinea pigs need bedding in their cage?

Yes, Having a good quality bedding is an essential part of setting up a proper enclosure for your guinea pigs.
Bedding not only helps in keeping the enclosure clean but also helps in keeping their feet dry.
You should definitely add some type of bedding in their cage.
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What does a guinea pig need in its cage?

Guinea pigs need a variety of supplies in their cage. Right from good quality Bedding, Food dish, Water bottle, Hay Feeder, Toys, etc.
You need to ensure that your guinea pig has access to good quality hay and water at all times.

Can you cover a guinea pig cage at night?

Yes, you should definitely cover your guinea pig cage partially or fully at night. You also need to ensure that the pen is well ventilated and the cover doesn’t block the air exchange completely.
Covering the cage gives guinea pigs a sense of security, and they tend to sleep even better when they feel secure.

Can guinea pigs escape from cages?

No, under normal circumstances, your guinea pig won’t climb out of their cage or even attempt to do so.
But if you have the cage doors open and a ramp that can lead them out then maybe just because of curiosity they may escape their cage.

How often should I clean the cage?

Guinea pig cages need regular ongoing maintenance. You need to spot clean the cage daily and deep clean it once in a week.
If you fail to clean it regularly, then debris may pile up, resulting in an unsatisfactory living environment for your guinea pig.
So, it is best recommended to clean their cages daily.
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