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Best guinea pig treats(My Top 5 Picks Of 2021): A Complete Buyer’s Guide

No guinea pig owner can resist feeding some small treats to their guinea pigs every now and then. In fact, many owners use these treats as a positive re-enforcement while training their guinea pigs.

But are all the treats available in the market suitable for your guinea pigs? What are some of the best guinea pig treats you can buy?

In the past few years, I have tried many treats available in the market, while some of them were an absolute favorite of my guinea pigs while others went into nearby rescue shelters as my guinea pigs didn’t like it.

So, first of all, let us check out the list of treats my guinea pig loved then we shall further learn more about them.

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Best Treats for Guinea Pigs: My Top 5 Picks:

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If you were looking for a quick list then here they go, but if you want to learn more about them, then I would recommend you to read till the end so that you can choose the best one for your guinea pigs.

What treats can you give to your guinea pigs?

When it comes to treats for guinea pigs, then there are lots of options out there. Your furry friend won’t care much until and unless the food tastes good to them.

But bear in mind, every guinea pig has its own taste preference, while some guinea pigs like a particular food while others don’t. You shall need to do some trials and errors to find out what type of food keeps your guinea pigs happy.


Fruits are a typical treat for guinea pigs. They are high in sugar so we cannot feed it regularly. While we can definitely serve a small quantity now and then. It is recommended to help fresh fruits one to two times a week as it also contains some beneficial vitamins in them.

Some of the great choices of fruits for guinea pigs are:- Apples, Oranges, Kiwi, Watermelon & Strawberries. You can learn more about them like the suggested feeding, benefits and hazards and more in our articles.

Commercial Treats

There are a lot of commercial treats available in the market which we can feed it to our guinea pigs. While the commercial treats can be on a dearer side when compared to fresh fruits, they do add a little diversity in the diet we usually offer.

Are Commercial treats good for guinea pigs?

No, Not all commercial treats are suitable for guinea pigs. But if you look for the ingredients and choose wisely, you may offer a wide variety of the same to your guinea pigs.

While it is possible to make some homemade treats for your guinea pigs, let’s face it, not everyone is an excellent cook, and we don’t always have the right time and resources to do so.

It is a great choice if we can order one online and get one delivered at our doorstep that too at an inexpensive price.

What treats are bad for guinea pigs?

Yes, Guinea pigs can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables just like us, but we cannot feed our guinea pigs with treats we eat usually.

Treats like cookies, chocolates, or any other items we eat are not at all suitable for our guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can only eat treats prepared explicitly for them. It can be either be one that is homemade or commercially prepared but should be made keeping their diet in mind.

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How Many treats should we serve to our guinea pigs?

In general, treats only form 10% of their total diets. As we know, treats contain some high sugar ingredients which we cannot feed more than once a week.

In general, I prefer to serve a small quantity of treat to my guinea pigs. The amount offered depends upon treat to treat. For fruits, a little slice or so is preferred, and for other commercial treats, I shall suggest the quantity below.

Can guinea pigs eat dog treats?

No, dog treats are definitely not recommended for your guinea pigs. Many people who have dogs, as well as a guinea pig, thinks that they can share the same treats but the fact is they can’t.

The treats made for dogs contains some cereals, sugar, etc. in high amount, which is not so favorable for your guinea pigs.

My Top 5 guinea pig treats available in the market:

Here are some of the best treats for guinea pigs that are available in the market and I have personally tried in the past.

ULIGOTA Timothy Hay Chew Sticks For Guinea Pigs

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When it comes to choosing a treat for your guinea pig, you cannot find something better than this Timothy hay stick.

These hay sticks are one of the best and healthy treats for your guinea pigs available out there.

I don’t remember counting the numbers, but surely there are more than ten sticks in one pack.

For a pair of guinea pigs, I usually serve one stick broken into two parts, and often it lasts for 2-3 months.


  • It is being made from excellent quality timothy hay, which is very healthy for the guinea pigs digestive system.
  • The low-temperature baking process not only preserves a good taste but also all the vital nutrients of the hay.
  • Being a little hard, it also acts as a chew stick, which is excellent for their dental health.
  • The size of the treat is perfect for hand feeding as compared to other gifts. It makes it an excellent choice for bonding.


  • Some guinea pigs don’t like it. (As you know some are really moody when it comes to food.)
  • It is a little bit on the dearer side when it comes to pinching the pocket. But overall, a great choice to make. You will really enjoy it, especially if you like hand-feeding your guinea pigs.

This one pack was the best purchase I made last year for my guinea pigs. I have not seen them popcorning for something like they did for this.

As soon as they hear the sound of packets, they start jumping and wheeking like crazy.

I would definitely recommend you to Check Out this fantastic treat only at Amazon.

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat for guinea pigs

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If you are looking for a good brand alongside the economical pricing, then look no further than this Amazing Kaytee timothy biscuit.

These biscuits are really inexpensive but at the same time contain extracts of Carrots, which makes it a favorable choice for your guinea pigs.

I usually break it into 2 pieces and serve it to my guinea pigs.


  • A healthy choice for your guinea pigs as it contains timothy hay and carrot extracts.
  • One of the most Inexpensive Guinea pig treats available out there in the market.
  • It is made up of natural ingredients and is suitable for the dental health of our guinea pigs.


  • Some guinea pigs are picky, and they don’t like the taste of this treat but at the same time being an inexpensive one, it surely is worth a try.
  • The size is a little small for hand feeding our guinea pigs.

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Kaytee Fiesta Awesome Country Harvest Treat Blends for Guinea Pigs

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Kaytee Fiesta is yet another inexpensive treat with a blend of wholesome fruits, Nuts, Grains, and Veggies.

It contains a variety of mix of all fruits and nuts, which makes it a great choice.

Many people claim that it has added sugar and other additives, but I have not found anything like that.

Yes, it does contain some high sugar content ingredients like Raisins, Dried banana, etc. but the overall quantity of the same in the mix is minimal.

I usually feed it in small quantity once in a week or so and try to limit the fresh fruits in that week to balance out the nutrients.


  • This guinea pig treat is quite inexpensive for the quantity that it contains.
  • It contains a variety of nuts, fruits, and vegetables, which overall contributes towards a balanced nutritional art of diet.
  • You can encourage the foraging behavior of your guinea pig by spreading some bits and pieces of this treat in a play-pen or cage area.
  • The bag usually lasts for over 4-5 months if served weekly.


  • Some guinea pigs are picky, and they will pick out some content of the mix. Like mine doesn’t like the oranges pieces(I guess its papaya).
  • If you don’t serve this in a good food bowl, your guinea pig might tip it over and create a mess in the cage. As the pieces are quite small, it can be quite a mess to clean later.

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Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Bits For Guinea Pigs

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Kaytee Forti-diet pro healthy bits are also a great choice of guinea pig treats for your guinea pigs. This treat is an absolute favorite for many guinea pig owners.

This treat contains lots of nuts, seeds, and grain-like Cracked Corn, Wheat, Oats, Sun-cured Alfalfa Meal, Oat Groats, etc. which is not the preferred diet for guinea pigs but contains lots of nutrients that can be beneficial if served sparsely to our guinea pigs.


  • Kaytee Forti-diet pro healthy bits are made with quality nuts and grains, and they also contain some honey mix in it which can make any guinea pig go crazy for them.
  • The price of this guinea pig treat is just right for the quantity being offered.
  • The ball size pieces are well made, unlike some other cheap quality treats they don’t break apart that easily, so you have very little loose food left in the bag.


  • Some nut and grains in this blend are not standard guinea pig diet ingredients, but at the same time, it is fine to serve them once in a while.
  • Compared to other treats, they can have this treat only once in a while, it is okay to serve it once in a month or so, but regular feeding can cause some health issues.

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Kaytee Fiesta Treats For Guinea Pigs

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When I checked this Kaytee fiesta treat, I wasn’t sure if I should get it for my guinea pigs as these contain some yogurt and its best to avoid dairy products for them.

Later, I just checked it with my friend who is a vet, and he said that you could serve it in a small quantity once in a while.

So, later I got a small bag of this treat for my guinea pig and my man, I was amazed when I served it to my guinea pigs.

They first were not sure what is it, but once they tasted eat, they started munching on it like crazy.

If I would have served the whole bag, then they could have chewed it clean. But its best to serve it sparsely once in a while.


  • Kaytee timothy hay nuggets are a great source of fiber which is excellent for their digestive system.
  • These nuggets also help our guinea pigs in maintaining their dental health.
  • They are also quite inexpensive for the quality and quantity offered.


  • It contains some traces of yogurt so we cannot feed it very often.
  • It does contain some artificial color, which is a little bit concerning for me as I prefer organic ones, yet its definitely a good choice.

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