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Guinea Pig Grooming Kit(Brush, Clipper, etc.): A Complete Guide

In spite of being far away from the mainstream pets like dogs and cats, guinea pigs yet remain to be on the top chart of one of the most kept pets. The reason for that is straightforward; they are a low maintenance pet as compared to your dogs and cats. However, you still need to groom them now and then, and you will require a guinea pig grooming kit for the same.

What does the grooming kit for guinea pigs contains? Grooming kit for guinea pigs usually consists of nail clippers, Brush, Comb, and Hair Remover. Although the choice of items might depend upon the breed of guinea pigs you own, however, this shall be more than sufficient to start.

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Guinea Pig Grooming Kit: My Recommendation!

Here is a quick list of best Guinea pig grooming kit available out there. We have personally tried a few of them in the past, and so I would certainly recommend to give them a try.

No products found.

If you want to learn more about grooming your guinea pigs, why it is important to groom them, and our quick thoughts on these products then I would positively recommend you to continue reading ahead.

Do guinea pigs need grooming?

Yes, Guinea pigs do need regular grooming to keep their fur well maintained. Although, Guinea pigs grooming is dependent on their breed like the short-haired guinea pigs require less grooming as compared to the long-haired breed.

But anyways there shall be some regular grooming procedures involved independent of whatever breed you have.

While you can get away with just regular brushing of hair if you have a short-haired guinea pig, you might need to go for some great care like cutting their hair, cleaning the good and hay stuck in their hair, etc. for long-haired guinea pigs.

How often should I groom my guinea pig?

The frequency of grooming our guinea pigs is utterly dependent upon the breed you own. While a long-haired breed requires daily brushing and a good bath in 3-4 months, a short-haired breed can get away with brushing and cleaning just once a week or so.

A long-haired guinea pig needs a bath with good shampoo and detangler every 3-4 months along with a haircut; A short-haired guinea pi can keep themselves clean for several months and doesn’t need to be bath more than once in 6 months or so.

Although, mostly all guinea pigs shall require trimming of their nails every month or two. More active guinea pigs do wear down their nails against hard surfaces, thus they can go without trimming for around two months, while an inactive guinea pig needs the trim more often.

What might be the cost of grooming a guinea pig from some service nearby?

If you decide to get the grooming of your guinea pig going on from an external source like a vet or some professional groomer, then it might pinch your pocket a bit.

I would positively recommend to go ahead and do it yourself, but if you need to get it done, you might have to pay a high price for it. (approximately ten times higher then what a grooming kit might cost you)

Although the cost depends from place to place here is a range you can expect to pay:

Service requiredShort-haired Guinea pigLong-haired guinea pigs
Nail trimming10$10$
Bath & dry out30$60$+
Dematting or haircut10$-15$20$-25$
Ears,eyes and face cleaning15$-20$15$-20$

How do I groom my guinea pig?

Grooming your guinea pigs is not as hard as people think it is. It is an excellent way to handle and bond with our pets. We need to do a routine checkup and follow-up with the problems we discover.

Generally, a grooming schedule for our guinea pigs shall include Brushing, Nail trimming, Dental care, Grease gland cleaning, and Maybe a bath or a hair cut.

If you learn some basics then you can get away by doing it yourself rather than paying someone else. Here are the things you need to look for:

Brushing your guinea pigs:

Brushing is an excellent task to start with grooming your guinea pigs. You need to brush your guinea pigs regularly. Although the frequency is entirely dependent on the breed you own and the particular guinea pig itself.

While the long-haired guinea pigs need daily brushing, short-haired guinea pigs can be brushed once in a week or so. Although, you might need to clean them more often when they are shedding.

Brushing your guinea pig is straightforward. You can take a soft bristle brush and comb in the direction of hair right from their nose to their rump. You can repeat the process at their belly portion as well.

For long-haired guinea pig, you need to brush each rosette clean, brush and comb each rosette from the center outwards and you are ready to go.

If your guinea pig is shedding a lot of hairs, you might want to dampen a cloth and move it throughout their body cleaning away the excess hair from their coat.

Always ensure to use a good quality soft bristle brush so that you don’t end up hurting your guinea pig.

Nail trimming:

Nail trimming is another significant grooming activity we need to take care of. It can be a tough one if you are a total beginner. I would recommend you to visit a local vet or grooming center to get it done for the first time.

You can request and have a look at the procedure they follow and try to repeat the same next time when you attempt the same.

For trimming your guinea pigs nail, you shall need a good quality nail trimmer specially designed for small animals. I have recommended one earlier if you haven’t bought it already go ahead and get that one. I can bet you will fall in love with those.

Now coming to the trimming process, first, you need to hold your guinea pig after making it comfortable and check out its nails. You will soon notice a pink area inside the toenails which is the blood vessel also known as a quick. You need to make sure you cut in front of it without touching the same.

If you end up cutting the same, then it may start bleeding. Don’t worry if you have made the mistake you can fix that. If you cut into the quick, apply some cornstarch or flour in the bleeding area and apply pressure for a minute or two. Doing so shall stop the bleeding for now. You must take care while trimming and avoid such a scenario altogether.

You can watch this video to learn the complete procedure.

Dental care:

As you might have already known, guinea pigs have an open rooted and ever-growing pair of teeth. The reason they need high-quality hay is to wear down their teeth continuously.

If their diet doesn’t contain enough hay, then they may suffer from tooth impaction which leads to trouble eating and a lot of pain.

We need to regularly monitor their teeth growth and make changes in our guinea pig’s diet as required.

Do make sure to visit a vet if your guinea pigs are unable to eat properly and their teeth need grinding.

Recommended Supplies For Guinea pigs: Our Top Picks!
Before you learn more,here are some hand-picked supplies for your guinea pigs that you must add to your wishlist today:

Grease Gland cleaning:

Grease glands are those opening located at the base end of guinea pig’s spine which produces an oily secretion used by guinea pigs for scenting and marking purposes.

All guinea pigs have grease glands, some have a more active one then the others. It is also seen that boars have more active grease glands than sows.

If you watch closely, you will find that the grease produced from the gland will cover all the nearby hairs and make it tacky or solid sometimes. It can also get blocked pretty quickly and cause some health issues if we do not clean it regularly.

You can learn in-depth about cleaning your guinea pigs grease gland in this article: In-depth guide on Guinea pig grease gland and how to keep it clean.

Bath and haircut:

If you own a short-haired guinea pig, then it shall not require a hair cut, but if you happen to own a long-haired breed, then you might need to trim their hairs now and then to keep it well maintained.

Guinea pigs with long hair need regular maintenance of their fur. You need to keep a close watch on the same and give them a haircut whenever necessary.

Guinea pigs might also need a bath every few months although this is also totally dependent on their breed, living environment, etc. Guinea pigs with long hair need a regular bathing schedule of two to three months whereas short-haired guinea pigs can get away without bathing for a couple of months.

You can learn more about bathing your guinea pigs and cleaning them properly from this article: Do guinea pigs smell? How to bathe my guinea pigs to get rid of the smell?

You can also check out this fantastic article from Wikihow on grooming and keeping our guinea pigs clean.

Best Guinea pig Grooming supplies: My Personal Favourite!

Here are my top five picks of guinea pig grooming kit you should try.

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture 3-piece Guinea pig grooming set

No products found.

This 3-piece Guinea pig grooming set is one of the best guinea pig grooming kits for beginners if you are getting started with them for the first time. The package is elementary which includes a massage brush, a standard hairbrush, a nail clipper, and a microfiber cloth.

The massage brush helps to remove the excess hair from their coat and is very useful especially if your guinea pig is shedding.

The slicker brush helps prevent tangles and removes mats which is excellent for long-haired guinea pigs. It’s handy for brushing roselle of long-haired guinea pigs.

The nail clipper is very light and useful for trimming nails of your guinea pigs. Although it works great for young guinea pigs, later you must consider getting a better one. I will link one more below in the article for your reference.

The microfiber towel is another excellent addition to the mix. It is exceptional in absorbing the water thus an excellent choice for drying up your guinea pig after a quick bath.

I would strongly recommend you to go ahead and get this kit for your guinea pigs from Amazon.

Here is a link from where you can check it’s current pricing.

Ware Manufacturing Small Animal Grooming Kit

No products found.

Ware Manufacturing Small Animal Grooming Kit is yet another excellent choice for beginners. It is economical but does the job perfectly.

This kit also comes with a hair massage brush, a standard brush, a nail clipper, and a wooden chew toy to start.

The massage brush is soft and does the job of removing excess hair very conveniently. It is beneficial for the regular brushing of our guinea pigs.

It also comes with a standard brush that can be used to clean mats and detangle hair of your guinea pigs. The brush works great and does the job pretty efficiently.

The nail clipper is yet another part of the kit which is useful. I have found the blades to be thinner in this clipper than standard ones which makes it quite convenient to use as we can see the small nails of our pigs while using this one.

The kit also contains a chew toy made up of natural wood which is great for wearing down the teeth of your guinea pigs.

I have found that some of my guinea pigs like to chew it while others don’t. So, you need to check for yourself if it works for your guinea pigs or not.

I would recommend you to go ahead and check its current prices from this Link on Amazon.

If you don’t need a complete set of products in the kit as you already have some bits and pieces with you, then I recommend checking some items we have listed separately for you.

Dasksha Guinea pig Brush and Grooming Glove

No products found.

Dasksha Guinea pig Brush and Grooming Glove is a perfect product if you have a guinea pig shedding its coat. The glove works flawlessly and removes all the hair strings attached to the hair.

The glove and brush are made up of soft silicone tips that are completely gentle and safe for your guinea pigs.

Additionally, you can use the brush that comes with it to brush and remove some remaining bits from their coat. It also helps in cleaning up the furniture, rugs, and bedding by removing hairs stuck in them. I have found the brush to work as well as a vacuum while cleaning my couch.

Here is a Link for this fantastic combo set on Amazon. Check out the current prices today!

Professional Nail Clippers for Guinea Pigs

No products found.

Professional Nail Clippers for Guinea Pigs is an exceptionally well-designed product recommended by the professional vet, Animal trainers, and Grooming professionals. It is well designed, superior quality nail clipper available in the market.

The clipper is made up of top quality stainless steel and will easily last for years to come. It comes with a lifetime guarantee which is a bonus.

Getting a professional nail trimming from a service nearby can cost you more in the long run so using a good nail clipper and doing the task at your home can be quite economical and convenient in the long term.

A good clipper makes the grooming experience much more convenient and less stressful both for the pet and well as the owner.

You can also use this clipper on other pets like dogs, cats, and birds if you have one.

Check out the current prices of this awesome clipper today only on Amazon.

Brush & Comb Set For Guinea Pig Grooming

No products found.

This Brush & Comb Set is also a great addition in the bucket list for your guinea pigs. Long-haired guinea pigs often need regular brushing and detangling of their fur which is quickly achievable with this kit.

The brush comes with a good grip handle and really soft bristle that works like a charm on your guinea pigs. I would definitely recommend you to go ahead and try this out.

Check out this awesome brush set only on Amazon.


So, I hope that you have found some value after going through my article on grooming your guinea pigs and found the best grooming kit for your guinea pig.

I have to spend a couple of hundred dollars trying out different products and finding the best ones which I could share with you guys. The products above are some of the best ones which I found to be worth the price.

If you found the information useful, I would request you to please share it on your favorite social media. It will make my day.