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Best Water Bottle For Guinea Pigs: Leakproof Water bottles

Providing your guinea pig with fresh and clean water every day is an essential part of the daily routine.

Usually, most people tend to go out with a standard water bottle for their guinea pigs which most pet shop sells and then soon realize the pain of a leaking bottle.

In the past few years, I have personally tested out over a dozen brands and local bottles out there, and here in this article,

I shall share with you my best picks among them. I will also share some info on what is the average cost of water bottles for guinea pigs, How to prevent them from leaking and much more.

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Best Guinea Pigs Water Bottle:

So, if you are in a hurry and just wanted a quick list of Best water bottles for your guinea pigs that don’t leak and can last really long then here are my top 4 choices:

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If you want to learn more about these water bottles, why does the bottle leak? And how to prevent a leaky water bottle then I would strongly suggest you read ahead.

How much does a guinea pig water bottle cost?

The cost of Guinea pig water bottles can range anywhere between 6$ to 13$.

While you can easily find a decent quality water bottle for 6-7$ in any pet store, but the problem with those bottles is going to be the leaks.

Most of the cheap quality bottle leaks water and leads to entirely soaked bedding, thus creating a ton of mess.

If you are looking for a good quality bottle that doesn’t leak as much and can last for long, you might be looking to spend more like 12-14$ for the same.

Now there are lots of brands and choices on that price range, but I have listed my top picks in this article later.

You need to get at least two bottles at once as one might not be enough for a large size cage or if your age has multiple sections.

Can guinea pigs share a water bottle?

Yes, in most cases, I have seen that guinea pigs can share a water bottle. However, some aggressive guinea pigs don’t like to share their food or water dishes with other cage mates.

It is anyway recommended to have at least two water bottles in a cage so that if anything is wrong with one bottle, then your guinea pig can get their thirst quenched from the other one.

Why does my guinea pig water bottle leak?

The three major cause of a leaking water bottle is as follows:

  • Most beginners have a tough time creating a vacuum in the bottle. As a result, the water bottle ends up leaking. Also, some brands don’t have a gasket, which is essential for sustaining a vacuum. Another reason to go with a good quality bottle
  • The second reason your water bottle may be leaking is due to improper maintenance. If you don’t clean up the water bottle properly, then the food particles can get attached to the ballpoint at the end of the bottle and end up leaking the bottle.
  • The third reason you might find the water leak is because your guinea pig might be leaking it. Yes, sometimes it’s not the bottle leaking but your guinea pig leaking. Some guinea pigs tend to chew their water for some unknown reasons which results in water leaking from the side of their mouth.

How to stop a guinea pig water bottle from leaking?

  • You need to fill the water to the top and then close the cap properly. Just make sure you don’t screw it too tight as sometimes it causes a leak as well. A Half filled water bottle cannot create an adequate vacuum and will leak as soon as you place it on the cage.
  • The second step is to clean the bottle nozzle properly regularly and remove any gunk attached to it.
  • Alternatively, you can use a small brick just below the bottle so even if your water bottle ends up leaking the brick absorbs the water and keeps your bedding dry. My guinea pigs step upon the block to drink the water.

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How To Set Up Guinea Pig Water Bottles?

How To Set Up Guinea Pig Water Bottles

Best Guinea Pigs Water Bottle That Doesn’t Leak:- My Top 4 choices!

Here are some of the best water bottles for guinea pigs which have worked out like a charm for my furry little pets.

You can go ahead and choose anyone according to your needs and preference.

Choco Nose No-Drip Water Bottle For Guinea Pigs

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Choco Nose water bottles are one of the best choices I have ever used for my guinea pigs.

These water bottles are made with high-quality standards and are the first choice to make if you are looking for a leak-proof bottle.

The bottle is also BPA free, thus are safe for your guinea pigs.

  • The most reliable bottle I have ever used. It’s 99% better than the rest out there when it comes to leaking
  • Perfect Size bottle for guinea pigs but needs to be topped every day
  • BPA free material, Completely safe for your guinea pigs
  • Easy to clean and top up water
  • Simple installation, You can use the screw-on bracket that comes with it and snap the bottle every time you refill it
  • The end nozzle has an excellent quality steel finish, which is tough for guinea pigs to chew and damage
  • The only major con that I have noticed is it runs out pretty quickly if you have a pair of guinea pigs or more sharing it. You can fix it by having multiple of them at the same time
  • Can be a little costly for some people, but trust me it pays at the end. It’s much better than waking up to find all the water already dripped, and the bedding soaked with it

Check out the current price and availability of this fantastic bottle at Amazon.

Rentacoop No Drip Guinea Pig Water Bottle

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Rentacoop 32 oz No Drip Guinea Pig Water Bottle is a sippy style bottle, which is another excellent choice if you are looking for a leak-proof bottle.

Your guinea pig might need some time to figure out how the bottle works as it’s quite different from a standard ball water bottle.

  • The bottle is well made and completely leak proof
  • This bottle holds a lot of water, perfect for a couple of guinea pigs or a weekend getaway
  • The bottle is easy to attach to the cage using a simple metal bracket; it should be connected from outside
  • The nipple is made up of good quality metal and is chew resistant
  • It’s much easier for guinea pigs to drink water from once they learn to use it. I had noticed they tend to drink more water when I used one of these bottles
  • Some guinea pigs have trouble figuring out the mechanism. They may take sometime before they get used to it
  • Again, the cost can be a factor for this one as well. Considering there are lots of bottle at low prices available in pets stores but for the quality it provides, it is a reasonable one to buy

Check out the current pricing of this bottle at Amazon.

Lixit Guinea Pigs Wide Mouth Water Bottle

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Lixit guinea pigs bottles are yet another excellent choice and are quite economical as well. It’s made up of good quality thick plastic which will last long.

Many people were complaining about leaking in this bottle, but I found out that it’s just due to a lack of proper instruction with the bottle.

If you fill the bottle, then it shall create a vacuum which prevents leaking while the half-filled bottle doesn’t generate enough vacuum and thus may result in leaking.

  • It is made with thick good quality plastic, which makes it sturdy. The nozzle is also made with quality metal thus is chew resistant
  • The bottle works on the principle of vacuum, and if used correctly, it will not leak at all
  • The bottle has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to clean and refill
  • The 16 Oz bottle can easily last you for a day or two if you have a pair of guinea pigs
  • It can leak if you don’t fill it appropriately and create a good vacuum
  • The wire that comes with it to attach to the bottle with the cage is quite flimsy and can be tough to work out with

Check out the price of this bottle only at Amazon.

ZOOPOLR Water Bowl For Guinea Pigs

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If you are tired of the bottles or would like to provide water to your guinea pig in a water bowl then this might be the perfect choice for your guinea pigs.

Sometimes if your guinea pig is ill then providing them with water in the bowl is quite helpful.

Also, newly born guinea pigs who are not used to bottles shall require a bowl for water.

  • Made up of good quality durable plastic which is completely safe for your guinea pigs
  • The metal edges prevent any damage from chewing
  • It’s easier to attach with the cage as it comes with a snap-lock bracket
  • As it locks quite securely, it nearly impossible for a guinea pig to spill the water out
  • The bowl can be used as a food bowl as well in the future
  • Can hold a decent amount of water in it
  • Needs frequent cleaning and water changes as food, bedding particles, and other dirt can fall in the water
  • All guinea pigs might not be comfortable in using it

Check out this water bowl only at Amazon.